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Don’t underestimate the clean air factor in your grow space.

don't underestimate the clean air factor in your grow space

AiroClean420’s Airo Home Hobby is an air sanitizer/purifier that is capable of cleaning air in a 12 x 10 x 10 grow space. It ensures you have clean air so that your plants avoid frustrating plant diseases like powdery mildew, botrytis, and blight. The Airo Home Hobby is a smaller version of the original AiroClean420 which is widely used across hundreds of indoor cannabis farms across North America. For many years, commercial growers have been using AiroClean420 to prevent powdery mildew and botrytis, the enemy of cannabis plants.

How does it “prevent?”

The Airo Home Hobby air purifier prevents by completely destroying and obliterating subatomic airborne contaminants. It works by pulling air into the machine, and instead of capturing the contaminants with a filter, it blows them up via proprietary PCO technology and the contaminants disappear. There are no harmful emissions whatsoever with AiroClean420 or Airo Home Hobby, so it is 100% completely safe to use.

Industry Approved

If you want to learn from the best, follow how the cannabis industry professionals approach the clean air factor to keep their plants healthy, and final-product free from contamination. Afterall, professionals DO NOT mess around when it comes to growing contaminant free cannabis. Commercial growers have rigorous lab-testing requirements, and if PM is detected even at the most miniscule levels, it fails. It becomes a massive expensive loss. Certainly, home growers don’t want to lose a crop either, especially after tending to the garden for a couple months expecting to have a few months of home grown cannabis at their fingertips.

With clean air in your growing environment, it makes a big difference.

First and foremost, having clean air means your plants will avoid hard-to-kill infestations of powdery mildew and botrytis. These nasty enemies are known to ruin entire cannabis crops in a matter of just a couple days. They spread like wildfire via airborne subatomic spores. With fans blowing, spores get blown throughout the grow space, furthering the infestation.

To eliminate the airborne spores before they fall on plants, should be of utmost concern to any indoor grower experiencing airborne plant diseases. Professionals know it is far easier to prevent an outbreak, than have to kill and destroy and work double time, triple time or even quadrupole time to salvage your garden during an infestation. Prevention is a big deal and makes a big difference.

The Struggle Is Real

As a home grower, it is likely you’ll at some point struggle with powdery mildew incidents. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t, but most have or will. Of course, some indoor growers are physically far from outdoor vegetation and plant life, and their indoor grow is never above 65% RH and they never get PM or botrytis. Most home growers have dealt with it and struggled through it with much distress. Very few growers never experience what a pain they can be, but that’s rare. Even if you’re physically far from much vegetation or plant life, your home grow can still easily get hit with a powdery mildew or botrytis outbreak at some point.

There’s No Silver Bullet

There are many online forums with people looking for help to battle powdery mildew or botrytis. Don’t be surprised when you hear of “the one magic fix.” Be wary of anyone proposing a silver bullet against these cannabis plant enemies.

Many growers, new and old, will boast about “their silver bullet.” It could be a product or home made DIY recipe. Be forewarned! There is no silver bullet when it comes to preventing powdery mildew. Especially not a homemade garlic and pepper foliar spray that takes oodles of hours to prepare and can go painfully wrong upon application.

Air Purifiers like AiroClean420 and Airo Home Hobby are not silver bullets, but rather pieces of a system, and in many cases, the final missing link.

A customer recently shared:

“Using the Airo Home Hobby air purifier has been the missing link in my home grow system. Since hanging one unit, I’m now over a year of being powdery mildew free — this after 3 years of frustrating intermittent infestations. I manage my humidity as best as I can, I always use foliar sprays like Trifecta and Organocide, but Airo Home Hobby seems to have been the piece that has kept my home grow free from PM!”

~Marc Eden, Green Carpet Growing

Commercial farms that run AiroClean420 air purifiers do not cease doing other smart preventative measures. They still use safe foliar sprays and they still pay close attention to humidity, airflow, and best practices in cleanliness. For example, they wouldn’t walk around a grow space with dirty clothes and shoes after traipsing around the local hydroponics grow store.

The clean air factor also changes commercial growers’ approach to exhausting air.

With clean air, you simply do not want to exhaust it 24/7, but rather as needed to ensure some level of air exchange, or to help regulate temperature and humidity. Now that clean air is everywhere, you want to keep around. Talk about a different way of thinking about air exchange with the CLEAN AIR FACTOR!

Is it cost effective?

Running an Airo Home Hobby is the most cost effective thing you can do if you plan on growing cannabis indoors for years. When you compare the cost of an Airo Home Hobby unit ($995) with eliminating powdery mildew or botrytis incidents for several years, it makes your investment look like pennies. Airo Home Hobby comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, and the units are expected to last upwards of 10 years with regular maintenance.

The maintenance for Airo Home Hobby includes a yearly light bulb change, which takes about 15 minutes from start to finish. These proprietary bulbs are used to keep the unit’s catalyst working properly and must be replaced by the company exclusively. You also will need to change filters in the unit. The filters are used to protect the PCO technology inside the unit, and need to be changed every 90 days.

Reminders are sent to ensure you stay on track with upkeep!

The sooner the better!

The sooner you start using Airo Home Hobby in your home grow, the sooner you can ensure clean air and clean cannabis product! We recommend starting a new grow cycle when first utilizing our air purifier. This is important because our machines do not address powdery mildew infestations on plants. If you have an infestation right now, it would be best to clean the entire room, start with new plants, new pots, and Airo Home Hobby.

Please note, if you were to currently have an infestation, pull the plants out, remove infested leaves, spray with foliar sprays and start using AIro Home HObby, you may not effectively fix your problem. You’re still better off waiting until a fresh batch of plants are reared in a well sterilized room. This is because powdery mildew spores can be all over parts of the plant you don’t see, or on the stems and branches where people forget to inspect.

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