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6 Ways to Prevent Botrytis on Cannabis Plants

six ways to prevent botrytis blight on cannabis plants

It only takes a single botrytis infection for cannabis growers to get smart about prevention. The botrytis fungus, also known as gray mold, is notoriously difficult to treat. However, taking thoughtful measures to prevent botrytis on cannabis plants will ensure that your entire crop makes it to harvest.

6 Ways to Prevent Botrytis on Cannabis Plants

#1. Ensure proper plant spacing.

Botrytis prefers a moist environment. When plants grow too close together, the moisture of the entire room increases significantly. Make sure you give plants plenty of space to grow. This will keep temperatures and moisture within acceptable limits.

#2. Keep humidity moderate.

Botrytis does best at moderate temperatures and high humidity. While there is little room for changing ambient temperatures without affecting plant growth, altering the humidity of your environment can help. Therefore, try to keep humidity levels lower than 45% to prevent botrytis on cannabis plants.

#3. Invest in an air purification system.

Botrytis spores can linger in the air for days, unseen to the human eye. An air purification system can eliminate this threat. For example, AiroClean420 technology was originally designed for NASA for getting rid of fungal threats in outer space. Finally, this makes it an ideal way to capture and eliminate spores from your cannabis grow room.

#4. Do not use fans to circulate air.

Many growers use large fans to circulate air throughout the grow room, reducing excess heat thrown from grow lights. Unfortunately, this just spreads botrytis spores throughout the area. Without an air purification system like AiroClean420, this could be a deadly choice.

#5. Use appropriate watering techniques.

Botrytis fungus thrives in moist environments. Ensure you use industry best practices for watering plants. Never get the leaves of plants wet, particularly right before a night cycle. This encourages the growth of harmful fungi.

#6. Apply prophylactic, organic sprays.

Organic sprays can be an effective way to deter the growth of botrytis on cannabis plants. One simple spray is a mixture of baking soda in water. This alkaline solution can prevent the growth of botrytis on cannabis plants.

No matter what you do to prevent botrytis on cannabis plants, the disease is opportunistic.

Choosing an air purification system like AiroClean420 is the only way to decrease your risk of botrytis outbreak to nearly zero. Unlike other preventative measures — changing environmental variables or applying sprays — AiroClean420 attacks the threat at its source. Our technology captures and destroys botrytis spores lingering in your ambient air. Contact us today to learn how we can help you prevent botrytis on cannabis.

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