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Common Types of Blight in Plants

common types of blight in plants

Blight in Plants

Cannabis growers and cultivators monitor their plants’ progress through every stage of the growth cycle, from selecting a strain through preparation for sale. If not proactive, infections can occur during any step of cannabis growth and production pipeline. One of the most destructive problems affecting cannabis plants is blight. There are several common types of blight in plants caused by fungal spores or bacteria. Neutralizing fungal spores through AiroClean420’s cannabis air purification is essential to preventing cannabis plant blight.

What is Blight?

Blight is not a plant disease. Rather, blight is a series of symptoms arising from a particular pathogen infecting a cannabis plant. This could be a type of mildew, mold (as with the infamous blight that caused the Irish potato famine) or a form of bacteria. Understanding common types of blight in plants, as well as their associated symptoms, allows you to prevent harmful fungus and keep your cannabis investment safe. Powerful protection can also be installed with an energy efficient AiroClean420 system.

Symptoms of Blight

Blight has a distinct series of symptoms, including:

  • Chlorosis is a condition in which the leaves of a plant no longer produce sufficient chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the substance that makes leaves green and helps them produce energy for the plant. Plants experiencing chlorosis will become pale yellow or green in color.
  • Browning of plant leaves, stems, and buds. These lesions begin as small spots on the leaves. Soon, however, they will engulf the entire area of plant tissue.
  • Finally, gradual death of plant components. This may begin with browning and curling of plant leaves, followed by death of the entire plant.

Common Types of Blight in Plants

Cannabis plants are susceptible to several common types of blight in plants. Bacterial blight is transmitted by a harmful strain of airborne bacteria. Harmful fungi transmits other types of cannabis blight. These include bacterial blight, brown blight, cylindrosporium blight, leptosphaeria blight, and Southern blight in plants. Though caused by different types of fungi, these blights all tend to cause lesions, chlorosis, and plant death.

As we recognize various blight types, we also provide preventative measures to keep your environment clear of blight-causing threats. Our technology works to scrub your facility’s air of airborne threats and provide air purification protection during all stages of growth

Beat Blight With Purification

Blight can quickly affect and take down a cannabis crop. In the best case scenario, blight will significantly reduce yields. In the worst case, it destroys your entire crop. As there are several common types of blight in plants, it is essential to protect your cannabis growing and processing facilities against this form of fungal infection. 

AiroClean420 remains the best way to neutralize pathogens circulating through your growing environment, eliminate airborne threats and stop powdery mildew. Get pricing for your facility or listen to our FAQ podcast to learn how AiroClean420 can help you keep your cannabis safe from common types of blight in plants.

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