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Healthy Plants: Grow Better Cannabis

healthy plants: grow better cannabis

Closeup of Cannabis female plant in flowering phase.

Attracting repeat buyers for your cannabis is about producing a consistently quality product. Water, soil, nutrients, and air all play a part in the health of your growing cannabis plants. It could be a mistake to overlook air quality, because it’s a huge factor in how much your crop can produce (and how much you’ll be able to sell). Here’s how air quality can affect your plants – and the powerful way you can guarantee pure air to grow better cannabis.

Do Your Cannabis Plants Need Pure Air?

As a grower, you know that your plants respire. They take in both carbon dioxide and oxygen for photosynthesis. Clean air helps them get the optimal amount of these and other important molecules. According to the EPA, air pollution has a significant impact on plant growth, and can act with other stressors to negatively affect plant growth. That means you could see a lower yield with anything less than pure air.

Prevent Plant Diseases

Fungus, bacteria, and other vectors of plant disease often pass through the air. Diseased plants have to be trimmed or even discarded – reducing your crop little by little. Even worse, particularly aggressive airborne diseases like powdery mildew can cause total devastation, and even cause you to fail compliance standards. A filter may not catch all of these threats – but the purification technology in an AiroClean420 unit eliminates them at the molecular level.

Eliminate Emissions

Finally, your crops are sensitive to emissions that may be found in other purification methods. Ozone generators are a common method of air purification – but O3 is actually a compound that negatively affects plant metabolism. Hydrogen peroxide air purification also presents its own health hazards. Photocatalytic oxidation, the method used by AiroClean420, produces zero emissions – only trace elements of water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Grow Better Cannabis – Purify with AiroClean420

An AiroClean420 unit is easy to install, use, and maintain. With powerful PCO technology, it cleans your air without producing any harmful emissions. Protect your plants and promote better growth with quality air, contact us to learn more about using the AiroClean420 in your facility.

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