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Common Fungal Diseases in Plants

common fungal diseases in plantsWhen cultivating healthy cannabis plants, there are many variables to monitor. Humidity, temperature, light, soil pH, and soil nutrients all impact a plant’s ability to thrive. In addition to these environmental variables, it is important to identify potential risks. Fungal diseases are among the most prominent pathogens to target cannabis plants. Recognizing warning signs of fungal diseases in plants will help you maintain a healthy crop and protect them from infection.

Common Fungal Diseases in Plants

Gray mold is among the most common and virulent fungal diseases in plants. Another common fungal problem is damping off, a fungal infection that kills plant seedlings during their earliest days of growth. Mature plants can be impacted by powdery mildew, hemp canker, downy mildew, fusarium wilt, or pink rot. Carefully checking your plants for signs of disease and implementing a cannabis air purification solution like AiroClean420 can help you prevent the spread of fungal spores throughout your indoor growing environment.

Signs of Fungal Diseases in Plants

Gray mold, caused by botrytis cinerea, can wipe out an entire cannabis crop within a week. This fast-moving fungus is one of the most common causes of the above mentioned damping off. When growing cannabis indoors, check for seedlings that fail to emerge. This is a sign that fungal spores have infected the seedling before it reached the soil surface. For existing seedlings, look for weak plant bases. Plants suffering from damping off typically topple over or struggle to grow straight.

Mature plants often present with stem disease when gray mold or other fungal diseases are present. Check the stems of your plants for gray-brown fungal fibers. Stems that snap easily can be a sign that gray mold has caused cankers. Discolored lesions on the stems or branches could be a sign of hemp canker, a common fungal infection.

Leaves also show signs of fungal disease. If your plants show yellow or brown spots on their leaves, they may be suffering from fungal infection. Fungi causing leaf spots will rarely kill a plant outright, but they significantly decrease yield. However, powdery mildew seen on cannabis leaves indicates a difficult fungal infection to remove.

Finally, it is important to check the flowering tops of cannabis plants. Female buds are highly susceptible to fungal infection. Check for fan leaflets turning yellowish or pistils turning brown. These are early signs of the disease. Once the disease has spread, buds will become covered in fungal fibers and eventually turn into slime. It is a tough feat to remove powdery mildew during flowering or other stages of growth, but with AiroClean420, all airborne fungal threats can be stopped.

AiroClean420 Eliminates Threats

The easiest way to eliminate fungal diseases, save time and energy is to invest in an air purification system to scrub your grow environment’s air. This technology captures fungal spores, diseases, bacteria and other VOCs traveling through the air, neutralizes them, and provides high quality air to your cannabis plants. Our process is proven by NASA, has thousands of units in operation, and is an affordable way to protect your cannabis plants from common fungal diseases in plants. Get a free facility proposal, and discover how easy it is to protect your crops.

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