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Carbon Filters for Your Grow Tent? Find a Better Solution

carbon filters for grow tents

As a home grower, you want simple, clean solutions for your cannabis. Preventing fungus, bacteria, and viruses from getting to your plants is one of the problems you’re presented with. You worked hard to grow these plants, why let a fungal disease destroy them? Air purification is a great, simple way to protect your plants – but there’s a catch. Regular carbon air filters in your grow tent might miss a lot of those dangerous contaminants and leave you with diseased cannabis. There’s a solution that’s simple and effective, read on and find out about Airo Home/Hobby.

Airborne Threats to Your Cannabis

Your grow tent is a nice enclosed space – but that doesn’t mean it’s safe from contaminants. Here are a few major factors to consider:

  • Opening and closing to check on your plants
  • Entering and stirring up the air
  • Circulating outside air in

All of these can open your plants up to contamination and infection. Diseases like blight, powdery mildew, and hemp canker can all spread through the air, so air purification is a fantastic way to stop them without having to spray your plants down.

Are Carbon Filters Effective in Your Grow Tent?

When it comes to circulating truly pure air in your grow tent, carbon filters just don’t cut it. Activated carbon is among the most common filtration methods used in home grows, but many home growers still struggle with plant disease. This is because not all carbon filters can catch the fine spores, microbes, and pollen that make their way into your grow tent. What you need is something that can completely eliminate airborne threats – before they make it onto your plants. AiroClean420’s Airo Home/Hobby unit is that solution.

NASA-Trusted Protection in Your Home Grow

AiroClean420 is an air purification solution that does much more than filter contaminants. It destroys harmful organic particles that come through in the air such as powdery mildew and other fungal diseases. It’s thanks to the Photocatalytic Oxidation technology inside.

  1. Particles in the air enter the chamber.
  2. They react with molecules generated by the unit. (which are bound to the catalyst surface)
  3. Finally, they break down into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

The unit circulates only clean air through your whole grow tent!

A Better Way to Protect Your Plants

Just hang the unit in your grow tent and turn it on – it’s that simple! Destruction of airborne contaminants takes place in the sealed reactor chamber, preventing exposure to your plants. The Airo Home/Hobby comes in a convenient size so you have all the protection your grow needs. Find out how easy it is to use the Airo Home/Hobby unit, then give us a call to learn more. With thousands of units in operation, this totally safe technology has helped growers of all kinds without producing any emissions – no matter the size of their grow space. Watch your home grow flourish without fear of airborne threats, purify the air with Airo Home/Hobby.

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