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Total Sanitation for Your Indoor Cannabis Grow

total sanitation for your indoor cannabis grow

Your grow room is a unique environment. With total control over heat, light, humidity, and airflow, you work hard to ensure each plant is perfectly healthy. Cleanliness, too, is a huge factor – and keeping your grow room sanitary involves more than a scrub of the floors and wiping down surfaces. You’ve got to scrub the air as well. To get total sanitation for your indoor cannabis grow, you need to ensure your plants are supplied with clean, contaminant-free air.

Circulate Pure Air

The AiroClean420 provides clean, pure air – with supreme efficiency and no harmful emissions. A clean grow room needs clean air, or all your hard work sanitizing surfaces will go to waste when airborne fungal spores or microorganisms land on and infect your plants. Air filters can be troublesome to install or maintain, and they may not even sanitize the air. AiroClean420 units hang just like a light fixture (without adding to or taking away from the amount of light getting to your plants), plug in, start cleaning the air immediately, and run continuously. It’s simple, safe, and effective!

A Unit for Every Grow

Sanitization is important for every indoor grow – not just industrial settings. Even in small spaces, like an indoor grow tent, your air quality will affect the health of your plants and they’ll need protection from fungus, viruses, and bacteria as well. Luckily, home growers can take advantage of the AiroClean Home / Hobby unit for small grow spaces. Whether it’s a grow tent, a small in-home grow room, or somewhere else, you can protect your precious crops with purification technology.

Powerful PCO

The AiroClean420 line of products don’t act like air filters. they use a technology called Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) to completely destroy airborne organic compounds. Proprietary lamps inside of each unit emit a powerful light to excite a catalyst bed below. When the catalyst is activated, it creates millions of hydroxyl radicals. These molecules react with organic compounds in the air and destroy them, reducing them to trace amounts of carbon dioxide and water – leaving only pure sanitized air for you and your plants.

Indoor Sanitation Made Easy with AiroClean420

Get a complete clean no matter the size of your grow space – purify the air with AiroClean420 products! Contact us to learn more about our home or industrial units – and find out what would be the right fit for your grow space. Total sanitation for your indoor cannabis grow is possible – it’s simple with AiroClean420.

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