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How to Stop Powdery Mildew Before Flowering: 3 Recommendations

How to stop powdery mildew before flowering

Powdery mildew on a flowering plant is the kiss of death – cannabis is no different. The best way to stop powdery mildew before flowering is to prevent that powdery white mold from ever appearing on your plants in the first place. There are three ways you can prevent spores from taking root on your plants: with organic and chemical-free sprays, industrial fungicides, or a technology that combines the very best of both – organic, chemical-free purity with powerful industrial effectiveness. Read on and find out our recommendations for stopping powdery mildew before flowering.

Organic Sprays

There are a variety of organic mixtures that have been proven to inhibit the growth of fungus. Three stand out among the crowd though:

  • Oil Sprays – Fungus, like powdery mildew, thrives in damp areas, whether it’s before or after flowering, but oils can kill the spores. Neem oil is commonly used on plants for just this reason, but you can also use fish oil or sesame oil.
  • Milk – If you haven’t heard of it before it may seem strange, but some growers swear by this solution. A 2:3 milk to water mixture is all you need, then liberally apply for ten consecutive days.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Spray – A favorite homemade fungicide for organic growers, apple cider vinegar is a powerful solution to prevent PM before flowering. 2 teaspoons vinegar per quart of water, applied till dripping, will kill traces of PM spores.

Industrial Fungicide

There are powerful off-the-shelf solutions available to growers everywhere – but because many industrial fungicides contain toxic chemicals, it may not be the best solution for everyone.
Organic options are available, and we would recommend finding a purpose-made industrial fungicide specifically for cannabis. Over-application of industrial fungicides and pesticides can cause issues for your plants as well – always be sure to follow manufacturer instructions when using an industrial solution.

The Best of Both Worlds

Powdery mildew is an airborne fungal disease – it releases spores that circulate in your air and land on your plants. The very best way to stop powdery mildew from spreading before flowering, or landing on your plants in the first place, is by eliminating it from the air itself. There’s a powerful air purification method that produces no emissions, uses no harmful chemicals, and effectively kills 99.99% of airborne mold and mildew. AiroClean420 is the air purifier that uses technology Developed for NASA to prevent fungus, bacteria, and viruses from circulating in your facility’s air. Suitable for use in every stage of cannabis production, incorporating AiroClean420 units into your grow room will ensure powdery mildew and other diseases won’t threaten your crops ever again.

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Protection for your crops is simple, AiroClean420 makes it so. And, this powerful air purification system defends against more than powdery mildew. Learn more about how pure air can help prevent crop loss to disease and protect your bottom line, reach out to one of our air purification experts.

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