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Indoor Home Growers Can Prevent Powdery Mildew Incidents with Foliar Sprays and Air Purification

Indoor Home Growers Can Prevent Powdery Mildew Incidents with Foliar Sprays and Air Purification - cannabis leaves lumppini © 123rf

Due to the nature of how powdery mildew spreads, outdoor growers naturally bear the brunt of powdery mildew attacks compared to indoor growers. Powdery mildew infestations are well known to ruin many outdoor cannabis crops despite even the best attempts to avoid it. As a result, many outdoor growers turn to indoor growing where it is much easier to prevent, control, and kill powdery mildew.

Whether you grow cannabis inside or outside, powdery mildew can be problematic as well as catastrophic. However, when it comes to prevention, powdery mildew is easier to prevent when you’re growing cannabis indoors. Even greenhouse growers have a competitive edge because they can implement climate control mechanisms with dehumidifiers for example.

How does powdery mildew spread? Powdery mildew spores travel through the air and from there they simply land on plants. To stop the airborne powdery mildew spores from falling on your plants, AiroClean420 or the smaller AiroClean420 Airo Home Hobby can be used. AiroClean420 uses PCO air purification technology. If you’re starting a home grow setup with grow tents or if you’re building a new grow room, then use an air purifier from the beginning.

While the AiroClean420 is for commercial grow spaces, the Airo Home Hobby is for home grows and small grow spaces up to 12 x 10 x 10 feet. Just hang your unit as close to the middle of your grow space as possible, and run it 24/7.

AiroClean420’s Airo Home Hobby air purifier is the ultimate defense against powdery mildew infestations for home growers and small grow spaces. It works non-stop with the flip of a switch. The AiroClean420 air purifiers use a proprietary technology called photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to rid the air of powdery mildew spores and other harmful fungals and contaminants. As air circulates inside through the machine, undesirable contaminants like powdery mildew spores explode into harmless water vapor. This PCO technology utilized in space craft, food storage, surgical rooms, and even commercial cannabis cultivation. Today you can have the same technology for your indoor cannabis garden with Airo Home Hobby.

Do not confuse an air purifier with an air filter or air filtration device. Air purifiers are different from carbon filters and hepa filters. Filters capture and trap contaminants, and need to be replaced regularly. AiroClean420 air purifiers combust airborne contaminants. It’s next level technology available to growers!

The Airo Home Hobby model was designed for small grow spaces like grow rooms and grow tents bigger than 3 x 3 ft. Using one is simple, easy and highly effective. Hang it, turn it on, and run them 24/7. Ideally you should hang it in the middle of your grow room or your grow tent. Each Airo Home Hobby unit will effectively purify the air in up to a 12 x 10 x 10 ft. grow space. Airo Home Hobby units will work effectively for several years with proper maintenance.

In addition to using Airoclean420’s Airo Home Hobby, indoor growers should also use pest control foliar sprays to prevent powdery mildew. Many different foliar sprays can help prevent and kill powdery mildew. Cannabis growers from Green Carpet Growing recommend the use of Organocide and Trifecta Crop Control with weekly applications if powdery mildew or pests are a persistent problem for home growers.

Indoor growers should keep humidity below 60% RH, use AiroClean420 air purification, and do foliar sprays to prevent powdery mildew with confidence. Don’t let another powdery mildew infestation ruin another crop for you!

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