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Common Causes of Fungal Disease and How AiroClean420 Can Help

causes of fungal diseaseAn outbreak of fungal disease can wreak havoc on a cannabis grower’s crop. Marijuana plants are vulnerable to more than 100 types of diseases, with a select few representing the most significant threats to a cannabis harvest. Plant diseases may occur because of fungi, viruses, bacteria, other plants, nematodes, stress, pollutants, nutrients, or genetic factors. Of these, fungal diseases are the most common problem. Understanding the causes of fungal disease can help you keep your cannabis plants safe.

Common Causes of Fungal Disease

Fungal diseases can attack cannabis plants at any stage of their growth. A few species represent the most common causes of fungal disease. For seedlings, fungal infections lead to the condition known as “damping off,” in which seedlings become weak and die. Adult plants are highly susceptible to bud rot, caused by the fungus Botrytis cinerea. Bud rot causes buds to turn to slime or to crumble when touched. Other common fungal diseases include gray mold, hemp canker, storage fungi, pink rot, fusarium root rot, powdery mildew, and downy mildew. These may affect the roots, stem, leaves, or buds of a plant.

So what causes fungal diseases to develop? The answer is often multifaceted. Certainly, genetics play a role in the problem. Specialized breeding can increase or decrease a strain’s natural resistance to fungal disease. However, the most common causes of fungal disease are due to inappropriate growing conditions. Having a low (too acidic) soil pH creates an environment in which fungi thrive. Additionally, failing to control the light and humidity of your growing environment may impact the growth and spread of fungal diseases.

How AiroClean420 Can Protect Your Harvest from Fungal Disease

Perhaps the most important factor is preventing fungi from spreading throughout your facility. This can be achieved by rigorously cleansing the air of fungal spores that may affect plant development. Without an air purification system, your entire harvest could be wiped out by a single outbreak of fungal disease.

AiroClean420 is a leading air sanitation technology for cannabis growers. Originally developed for NASA to prevent the spread of fungal and other plant diseases in outer space, AiroClean420 prevents infestation by a variety of fungal diseases. The energy efficient technology is chemical-free, meaning that growers can avoid using fungicides that may negatively impact the environment as well as consumer demand.

Potentially lethal fungal spores may be all that’s standing between you and a failed harvest. Investing in an air purification system like AiroClean420 will protect your marijuana plants and your bottom line.

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