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Best Solution for Botrytis Blight Treatment

botrytis blight treatmentMedical marijuana producers face a host of issues in raising a healthy crop to harvest. One of the biggest scourges to face growers is botrytis blight, also known as gray mold or bud rot. Finding an effective solution for botrytis blight treatment is essential to prevent your entire crop from dying.

What Is Botrytis Blight?

Botrytis blight occurs due to the activity of a necrotrophic fungus that goes by the scientific name Botrytis cinerea. The fungus affects many plant species, including wine grapes, but can be particularly ravaging for marijuana plants.

The first telltale sign of botrytis blight is often the withering of a single leaf that protrudes from the kola, or main bud. Keep an eye out for these leaves withering or drying out, which can be a sign of worse things to come. If you suspect bud rot, gently bend the main bud slightly to look at its step and interior. Botrytis blight appears as a mold that takes a gray, white, or blue-green color. You may see tiny hairs growing on the interior of the bud.

If you are growing cannabis in a dryer climate, buds may simply turn rust-colored and crumble. In more humid conditions, the buds become slime. Although botrytis primarily affects the plant’s buds, it can also impact seedlings or the leaves and stems of an adult plant.

When left unchecked, botrytis blight can spread throughout your crop in less than a week, killing every plant.  It can even affect marijuana that has been harvested and dried, so check your storage as well.

Conventional Approaches to Treat Botrytis Blight

Most cannabis producers take a preventative approach to combating gray mold by carefully controlling humidity, temperature, and air circulation. Although chemical fungicides may be employed, they also kill off beneficial fungi that keep plants healthy. Thus, all of these conventional approaches may still leave your plants vulnerable to infection. Once infected, the only treatment is to cut off affected buds with sterilized shears. This approach is time-consuming and often leaves residual fungal spores that can trigger another outbreak.

Using AiroClean420 for Botrytis Blight Treatment

Your best chance at reducing the risk of botrytis blight spreading throughout your crop is to use an air purifier such as AiroClean420. Unlike air filters, which simply trap affected microbes, AiroClean420 captures and eliminates botrytis blight as well as other microorganisms that can harm your plants.

Originally developed for NASA scientists to keep plants growing healthily in outer space, AiroClean420 uses ultraviolet light to destroy fungi and other microbes. This technology is easily adapted for use in vegetative, flowering, cloning, and drying/curing rooms. This protects your marijuana product from botrytis blight at every stage of its growth. Contact us today to learn more about how AiroClean420 is your best solution for botrytis blight treatment.

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