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Can Powdery Mildew Control Help Prevent Mildew Spread After Harvest?

powdery mildew control Planning for powdery mildew control is a very important step in the growing process. It is vital to make sure the buds and leaves of the thriving cannabis plant stay protected before, during, and after harvest. Experienced growers know that taking the time to prevent a fungus outbreak will protect the plants and making growing them much easier.

There is a great deal of discussion about the best way to prevent the spread of powdery mildew spores and what to do if the plants contract it. But another area of importance is what to do after the harvest. There are specific steps you can take after the crop harvest and before preparation of a new batch. If you take extra care at this phase of production, you can minimize the risk of spreading mildew spores to future crops.

What Is Mildew Control?

Mildew control is a series of steps a grower can take to protect and defend the buds and leaves from a fungal attack. Anyone who is planning to raise marijuana plants must take proper steps to implement mildew control. This way the crop doesn’t fall prey to a fast-spreading and vicious spore. One contamination can ruin an entire crop and leave you scrambling to start from scratch.

The first step for mildew control is prevention. It begins with your planting area. Take care when preparing the area where the plants will grow, either inside and outside, so that it is very uninviting to spores. The spores can easily get into any location through the air, carried on clothing or animals, or might even be dormant where the plants live.

The next step is to install a reliable and effective air sanitation system that will destroy any airborne spores that causes mildew. The most effective method to sanitize the air is AiroClean420, which uses Developed for NASA technology to destroy spores and contaminants in the air that cause mildew.

During the growing cycle of the cannabis plants, keep a close eye on the crop. Watch for strange bumps or the appearance of a grey-white powder. Early detection is key to keeping the crop from dying off. The new buds are especially vulnerable, as the mildew will go for them first. The fungus will give the buds a damp smell and quickly kill the plant before it has a chance to grow.

Also remember: If the plants are in close proximity to each other, there is a chance the white powder will spread rapidly and destroy an entire harvest within a matter of days. Because of that risk, it is wise to keep as much space between plants as you can manage.

Powdery Mildew Control – How Can It Help After Harvest?

It might seem like the process is complete after harvesting the leaves and taking them to dry. However, the defense against mold or mildew is not over. Just because the spores have not taken over plants during this growing cycle does not mean they aren’t already there.  Taking steps to clean the place where you plan to start growing again will keep the mildew from appearing on your new buds. Continual use of an air sanitation system is vital.

This thorough cleaning will also give growers a chance to look over their space to see if there is any need for improvements based on the success of the last crop. Taking stock as you prepare for the next cycle will ensure the next harvest is easier and more bountiful.

After Harvest – How Do I Continue Powdery Mildew Control?

There are a few things you can do to secure the area against powdery mildew. The first is clearing out all the remnant plant life and washing the equipment and pots with a weak bleach solution. Always use fresh dirt or compost for new plants in case the fungus is hiding in the old dirt.

Am I Ready to Go?

Growing marijuana plants is a learning experience. Taking the time to research it, prepare for it, and take steps to make sure everything goes well are the best preventative steps a grower can take. With that much care and preparation, a thick, bountiful harvest will be waiting for the grower in no time.

For more tips on successful marijuana cultivation and to learn how to protect your crop from powdery mildew, be sure to download our free report, the AiroClean420 Starter Guide. Using technology NASA engineers developed, we have solved one of the most vexxing problems marijuana producers face. Cleaner air means stronger, safer, more productive plants – and powdery mildew control means a higher, more profitable yield for you.

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