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Increase Your Medical Cannabis Yield with a Natural Alternative to Pesticides

alternative to pesticidesMedical marijuana represents an enormous growth industry. There are an estimated 1.1 million legal medical marijuana patients across the United States, according to data from the 2013 U.S. Census Bureau. For producers of medical cannabis, maintaining a healthy, thriving crop is a top priority. Traditionally, this has resulted in heavy use of pesticides and other artificial chemicals. Pesticides and chemicals combat airborne fungi and other diseases that can wipe out an entire crop. Therefore, with a growing market for organic cannabis, finding a natural alternative to pesticides is a great way to improve yield and profits.

What Is AiroClean420?

One of the most exciting new technologies for purification of air and elimination of harmful pathogens was actually developed for NASA. Early experiments growing plants in space failed due to a difficulty controlling the spread of volatile organic compounds and molds. NASA solved the problem by engineering a device that improved indoor air quality with a chemical-free, user-friendly approach. Now, that technology is available commercially for medical marijuana growers as a product known as AiroClean420.

How Is AiroClean420 a Natural Alternative to Pesticides?

Patients using medical marijuana suffer from a variety of ailments, from cancer to glaucoma to chronic pain. Many of these patients also seek to limit their exposure to pesticides and other artificial chemicals for health reasons. Unfortunately, current cannabis production techniques rely heavily on pesticides to reduce the spread of white powdery mildew, gray mold, downy mildew, and other microbes. It is imperative for marijuana growers to reduce their dependence on pesticides in order to increase yield and meet the booming market demand for organic marijuana.

AiroClean420 provides a natural alternative to pesticides. This patented technology passes air through a photocatalytic reactor to pull harmful compounds out of the air. Critically, this technology is different than the conventional air filtration systems used by many marijuana growers. AiroClean420 actually uses photocatalytic oxidation to destroy the harmful microbes, rather than simply filtering them out of the air. This different sets AiroClean420 apart from many of the devices currently used by cannabis producers.

AiroClean420’s unique technology results in a 99% kill rate for volatile organic compounds and microbes. This means that in addition to airborne fungi and microbes, AiroClean420 removes harmful gases and odors. It combats mildew, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and mycotoxins, effectively eliminating the most common problems facing cannabis growers. Perhaps most important for marijuana producers, the product is incredibly energy efficient, using less energy than 2 (100-watt light bulbs). This energy efficiency, along with Airoclean420’s low maintenance cost, makes it a sound investment and a powerful alternative to pesticides.

AiroClean420 has already been adopted by an array of conventional food producers, and medical marijuana is a natural application for this technology. By reducing dependence on artificial chemicals for disease control, using AiroClean420 can significantly improve profit margins and appeal to the increasingly choosy medical marijuana consumers.

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