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What’s the Best Way to Prevent Powdery Mildew on Cannabis if It’s Flowering?

Prevent Powdery Mildew on CannabisAs with most plants, great care and attention to your marijuana plants is the best way to prevent powdery mildew on cannabis. One of the biggest threats growers face is the arrival of mildew or fungus that can and will consume the delicate leaves of the plants. This powdery mildew can spread so fast that a grower who has not taken steps to prevent it will find their entire crop destroyed.

Such a situation can be extremely difficult for any grower, as a lot of time and money go into cultivating high-quality, healthy plants. AiroClean420 has put together some tips on what you can do to defend your crop and how to respond if the fungus is already present and what you can do to prevent it.

What Exactly Is the Powdery Mildew on My Cannabis Plants?

Many growers of marijuana, especially newer ones, have encountered a powdery mildew that grows on the leaves of the plants and spreads quickly if not addressed immediately. This powdery gray covering inhibits the photosynthesis process that allows the plant to convert light into food and thus hurts or kills the plant.

The powdery mildew on the plant is a fungus spore. It might have invaded the growing area by coming through open windows, hitching a ride on pets or even clinging to the clothing of the grower. The spores love a warm, wet climate. The preferred growing temperatures of Cannabis provide the perfect environment for spores to grow and reproduce.

Symptoms of the mold can appear on the plants before they become covered with white mildew. The most common symptom is unexplained bumps on the leaves on the top side of the plants. It is crucial to pay attention and watch for those bumps as once the fungus begins to spore. It will spread to the young plants first and kill them before they have a chance to mature. Due to the delicacy of young plants, it can be tough, if not impossible, to treat them if the fungus gets to them. An infected plant will turn a sickly yellow and eventually die.

What Is the Best Way to Prevent Powdery Mildew on Cannabis?

There are a few ways you can prevent powdery mildew on cannabis before it destroys the crop. Besides making sure to inspect the plants a few times a week to see if the bumps have appeared, make sure the plants have a lot of breathing room. If the plants are growing in close proximity to each other, it becomes very easy for the spores to spread quickly throughout the entire crop.

In addition to making sure your plants have room to breathe and are not too close together, make sure the plants get at least five hours of light after watering. This provides ample time for the water to evaporate from the leaves. Warm places with a lot of moisture are the spore’s favorite environment to hide and grow.

If the grower has an indoor facility, investing in a good quality air purification system is a good idea. The AiroClean420 air purifier has NASA air-scrubbing technology to help eliminate all fungus, spores and pathogens from the air before they become a problem for your plants.

Constant Vigilance Is the Key

Monitoring the plants and taking preventative measures to keep exposure to fungus at a minimum can help to keep the powdery mildew on cannabis from appearing. However a good grower know that prevention is the best way to keep healthy plants.  AiroClean420’s air purification technology is NASA quality.  Get in touch by calling one of our professionals today at 844-247-3913 or contact us online.

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