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How to Combat Grey Mold on Plants

grey mold on plantsMedicinal marijuana growers must be careful to nurse their crops carefully, encouraging the plants to thrive. One of the biggest threats to cannabis plants is disease in the form of fungi, bacteria, or viruses. Unfortunately, many cannabis growers become acquainted with grey mold on plants when it targets one plant and swiftly travels throughout the grow room. The result can be destruction of an entire marijuana crop in one fell swoop.

What Is Grey Mold?

Grey mold is caused by a fungus called Botrytis cinerea. The resulting disease, sometimes dubbed “bud rot” does just that — causes mold to cover a plant’s buds, choking the plants from the inside out. The early signs of grey mold include a dry, withered leaf protruding from the kona. However, this fungus may also affect the leaves and stems of a plant as well as seedlings.

What Conditions Cause Grey Mold to Spread?

Grey mold is notoriously difficult to eradicate, because the fungus is hardy and survives many environmental conditions. The fungus survives in temperatures ranging from just below freezing to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It thrives in the 70 to 77 degree range, which is also the ideal temperature range for marijuana plants. Thus, altering the temperature of a grow room is rarely sufficient to combat grey mold on plants.

Spores of the fungus can travel via a number of paths, including air movement, tools, wind, clothing, or parts of the plant. Trimming away the infected areas can backfire, as spores travel via the trimming tool to other plants. Perhaps most frustrating, mold spores can go dormant, only to strike again when conditions are more favorable.

Importance of Air Purification to Combat Grey Mold on Plants

The best way to combat grey mold on plants is to maintain a high-quality air purification system. A good air purifier, such as AiroClean420, will actually cleanse the air of potential pathogens. By taking up and neutralizing grey mold spores, AiroClean420 prevents the spread of this harmful fungus. Plus, it decreases the need for potentially harmful fungicides.
If you’ve experienced a grey mold outbreak, you know how detrimental this fungus can be to plant health. By investing in an air purifier like AiroClean420, you’re investing in the health of your cannabis crop for years to come. Contact us to learn more about how AiroClean420 can combat grey mold and other plant diseases.

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