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Powdery Mildew Treatments that Don’t Rely on Harsh Chemicals

powdery mildew treatmentsPowdery mildew is caused by several different species of fungi that all result in the same effect: fluffy blotches of white fungus that coat the leaves of marijuana plants. Powdery mildew can cause serious problems for medical marijuana growers, as it quickly engulfs the buds of a plant. Thus, finding effective powdery mildew treatments is of paramount importance for marijuana producers. Unfortunately, conventional approaches to powdery mildew treatment rely on fungicides with potentially toxic chemicals. That leaves them poorly suited to use on marijuana plants.

The Problem with Conventional Fungicides

Conventional fungicides for medical marijuana were originally developed for other forms of agriculture. Although technically safe for human consumption, there is growing concern about the effects of fungicides on human health. Many health-conscious consumers worry, and for good reason. Consuming trace levels of these fungicides may contribute to chronic disease. Medical marijuana users depend on the purity of their cannabis product to achieve symptom relief. Therefore, the use of conventional fungicides may be even more of a concern. As a result of these consumer concerns, the market for organic marijuana continues to boom.

In another twist on this problem, edible products often rely on the use of commercial fungicides. They may have a more harmful effect on health when smoked. In 2015, Colorado marijuana users filed a lawsuit against a cannabis retailer. The suit alleged that the marijuana growers applied the fungicide myclobutanil to plants. Although myclobutanil has approval for edible crops, that’s not the case for smokable products. This makes it all the more imperative for cannabis growers to find powdery mildew treatments that do not rely on harsh chemical fungicides.

Powdery Mildew Treatments That Do Not Rely on Fungicides

Fortunately, there are several options for powdery mildew treatments that do not require the application of harsh chemicals. Some growers apply alkaline solutions, such as milk or baking soda diluted with water. The goal is to inhibit the growth of powdery mildew spores. While this can be effective, it requires consistent application of the mildew-inhibiting solution to be effective.

An easier and more effective option is to invest in an air purification system. For example, AiroClean420 was developed for NASA to prevent the growth of fungi in outer space living environments. AiroClean420 captures powdery mildew spores from the air. It neutralizes them before they can infect other plants. Contact AiroClean420 today to learn how it can fit into your marijuana growing environment. Together, we can eliminate your dependence on fungicides as powdery mildew treatments.

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