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How Air Purification Can Stop Botrytis on Medical Marijuana

stop botrytis on medical marijuanaMedical marijuana providers must be very vigilant to prevent the spread of plant disease among their crop. Like nearly all living things, marijuana plants are susceptible to diseases from a variety of pathogens. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi can all take their toll on plants. Medical marijuana plants are particularly susceptible to fungal infections such as botrytis. Learning how to stop botrytis on medical marijuana will ensure plant health and protect your profit margins.

Understanding the Risk of Botrytis on Medical Marijuana

Botrytis cinerea is a form of fungal infection that is well known for its infestation of wine grapes. However, botrytis also affects medical marijuana plants. This fungus is necrotrophic, meaning that it benefits from the death of healthy plant tissue. Thus, a botrytis infection is a warning sign that your plants are under attack.

Botrytis on medical marijuana leads to a condition known as gray mold. Like its name suggests, gray mold is characterized by gray filaments that develop on plants. These may affect the leaves, stems, or roots of plants.

Medical marijuana plants are particularly susceptible to gray mold during the last few weeks of the flowering period. At this time, botrytis cinerea most often manifests as bud rot. Bud rot can swiftly spread from plant to plant, causing all of their buds to become worthless mush. To check for bud rot, carefully inspect the small leaves growing from the buds. Green leaves are a sign that your plants are healthy. Even slight discoloration, such as yellowish or brown leaves, is a sign that your plants may be suffering from bud rot.

How Can Air Purification Stop Botrytis on Medical Marijuana?

Following the appearance of botrytis, there is little that you can do to save the plants. Instead, it is essential to stop botrytis on medical marijuana by focusing on prevention. There are numerous preventative measures that growers take to keep their plants healthy. The most effective by far is eliminating fungal spores drifting through the environment. This can be achieved by investing in an air purification system.

Unlike a fan, which simply blows spores through the environment, air purification technology stops botrytis at its source. For example, AiroClean420 uses a proprietary technology to capture botrytis spores, neutralizing them before they reach plants. This makes it perfectly adapted to the medical marijuana business. Contact us today to learn how installing AiroClean420 in your environment can stop botrytis on medical marijuana and keep your plants safe through harvest.

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