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The Best Ways to Destroy Botrytis on Cannabis

destroy botrytis on cannabisBotrytis Cinerea is Perhaps the Deadliest of Cannabis Plant Infections.

This nasty fungus will quickly spread throughout your grow room, drying room, and other processing environments, destroying all cannabis plant life in its path. Finding ways to destroy botrytis on cannabis can help you weather an outbreak, preserving your investment.

Destroy Botrytis on Cannabis

When a botrytis infection breaks out on your cannabis crop, your instinct is to respond as fast as possible. Within a matter of days, botrytis will devastate the entire crop and decimate your yield. Therefore, many growers instinctively turn to fungicides to combat the outbreak. Chemical fungicides are an effective way to destroy botrytis on cannabis.

Heavily spraying all of the plants in your grow room may prevent the outbreak from spreading. However, the downside to chemical fungicides is that they can be harsh. While the fungicides were specially created to prevent damage to plants, their long-term effects on humans are less clear. Many consumers are growing concerned about the effects of consuming trace amounts of fungicides from any agricultural products, including marijuana. Thus, while an effective way to destroy botrytis on cannabis, traditional fungicides may be a short-sighted choice.

Alternatives for Treating Botrytis

An alternative method of treating a botrytis outbreak is to apply natural, organic sprays. Some growers have success applying alkaline solutions — those with a basic pH — to plants. For example, you could dilute several tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or potassium bicarbonate into water. This alkaline spray may repel the spread of botrytis. The downside to this approach is that alkaline solutions are sometimes too weak to destroy botrytis on cannabis. An existing infection may continue to affect plants despite your best efforts.

Getting Rid of Botrytis Cinerea

The best way to get rid of botrytis cinerea is to prevent it from taking hold in the first place. This is achievable through rigorous attention to air quality. Investing in an air purification system such as AiroClean420 can leave your crop unscathed by botrytis. AiroClean420 works by capturing and neutralizing botrytis spores that travel through the environment. As a living microscopic organism, a botrytis spore is immediately destroyed through AiroClean420’s unique, chemical-free process. This leaves your growing environment free of botrytis spores and frees up your time to devote to tending to other aspects of plant health. To learn more about how AiroClean420 can help you prevent the spread of botrytis cinerea, contact us today.

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