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The Best Methods for Marijuana Mildew Prevention

marijuana mildew preventionThe development of mildew on marijuana plants can cause catastrophic failure of your cannabis production cycle. Powdery mildew and other types of mold may form at any stage in the production process, from nurturing tiny seedlings to drying harvested buds. Engaging in marijuana mildew prevention efforts decreases the risk of your crop becoming spoiled by mold.

Best Methods for Marijuana Mildew Prevention

The best methods for marijuana mildew prevention stop mildew before it starts to grow on plants. Be vigilant about checking seedlings and young plants for any sign of powdery filaments, discolored leaves, wilt, or rot. These are signs that mildew has already affected plants.

Adjusting environmental conditions is a smart way to prevent mildew from taking hold in your growing environment. Most forms of mildew that affect cannabis thrive in the same moderate temperatures as marijuana plants. Because temperature cannot be adjusted too much outside of an optimal growing window, tracking humidity is the best way to reduce the threat from mildew. Fungi enjoy more humid environments. Reducing humidity to 45 to 55% in your growing environment keeps plants healthy while preventing mildew growth. Furthermore, spreading plants out prevents moisture from accumulating and encouraging fungal growth.

Paying attention to air quality is another essential component of marijuana mildew prevention. Powdery mildew spores travel throughout the air, invisible to the naked eye. Thus, if you see evidence of mildew on your plants, that’s a sign that the ambient environment contains mildew. An air purification system will cleanse the air of mildew and other pathogens, protecting your cannabis harvest.

Pay Attention During the Drying Phase, Too

A classic mistake marijuana producers make is to obsessively track plant health during the growth phase but completely ignore the quality of the product after harvest. Effective marijuana mildew prevention requires vigilance at every stage of production. Even after harvesting buds, lingering spores can cause them to become infected with powdery mildew. This leaves the cannabis product with a “funky” or moldy scent. Using an air purification system such as AiroClean420 is a good way to prevent powdery mildew contaminants from entering your drying environment.

For optimal marijuana mildew prevention, invest in AiroClean420. AiroClean420 technology was originally developed for NASA as a way to prevent the development of mold spores in outer space. This makes it well suited to a range of environments for cannabis production. By trapping and eliminating powdery mildew spores, AiroClean420 keeps your entire production facility clean and fungus-free. Contact us today to learn more about how we can fit AiroClean420 into your production system.

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