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How Clean Air Helps Your Plants and Your People

how clean air helps your plants and your people

If you’re a commercial grower and promise the highest quality product for your customers, keeping a clean facility is vital. To maintain a clean growing environment for your plants and a safe workplace for your employees, start by thinking about how clean air helps your plants and your people.

Pure Air, Beyond a Filter

Many indoor growers rely on a basic air filter, humidity monitoring, comfortable temperature, and soil acidity to protect and nourish their cannabis plants. While these are all important preventative measures to reduce plant diseases, many air filters and surface cleaners produce ozone emissions or other toxic emissions which are extremely harmful to your plants and can cause your employees to develop major respiratory complications.

Alternatively, unlike many surface cleaners and filters, you can trust AiroClean420, a Developed for NASA Air Sanitation System, to provide clean air to help your plants, eliminate powdery mildew, mold and other fungal diseases without using EMISSIONS. Thus, no potential to harm to your plants or workers.

Pathogens and Powdery Mildew

Pathogens can have devastating effects on your plants. Some may have clear signs of infection while others can creep into your plants and show symptoms after it’s too late to salvage your crop. Just as humans need clean air to avoid airborne bacteria, cannabis plants require careful cultivation to defend against fatal microorganisms.

The AiroClean420 can easily be retrofitted into cloning, vegetative, flowering, drying/curing, and other grow rooms. This ensures that the air purity is maintained throughout your facility when growing cannabis indoors. Some fungal contaminants can infect plans even after harvest, so having clean air throughout your facility is important in order to maintain a high-quality product.

One customer stated, “Since installing units in veg and flowering, we saw a marked improvement immediately and subsequently, the powdery mildew issue has GONE AWAY.”

No Emissions, No Monitors

While many air filters, treatment systems, and surface cleaners require additional ozone monitors, our air purifier is all your operation needs to be completely safe. It collects dangerous microorganisms and neutralizes them almost instantly without long-term adverse effects on plants or the people tending to them.

Many other systems claim to decontaminate general growing spaces but need ozone levels to be tested and monitored because of the hazardous chemicals they emit. Our listed FDA system safely purifies contaminated air without emitting anything and does not need more testing equipment.

With ZERO emissions, AiroClean420 purifying system provides safe, simple sanitation for your cannabis plants and production team. Our use of our technology guarantees clean air, which they value greatly, for cannabis viability at all stages of growth. This trusted system kills fungal spores and reduces them to trace elements of carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Trust the Astronauts

Our effective technology was created for NASA for use on a space shuttle in plant growth experimentation. It’s now being used by over 1,000 North American cultivation, production, and grow facilities. Keep your plants green and your workers’ air clean!

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