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Considerations When Choosing Air Sanitation for Growing Marijuana

air sanitation for growing marijuanaGrowing marijuana requires a strong commitment to prevent plant pathogens. Many microorganisms that negatively impact plant health are fungal in nature. Unfortunately for growers, fungal spores easily spread throughout a grow room. This constant circulation of spores puts plants at constant risk. The best way to prevent an outbreak of marijuana fungus is to invest in air sanitation technology. Knowing what to look for when choosing air sanitation for growing marijuana ensures that your plants stay disease free.

Why Air Sanitation for Growing Marijuana Works

Traditional approaches to marijuana disease control focus on sprays or fungicides. However, consumers are becoming increasingly choosy about the marijuana they purchase. Furthermore, in states with legalized medical marijuana or recreational cannabis, there may be regulations in place to test product for the presence of chemicals and mold. Thus, using traditional fungicides may expose consumers to chemicals that are dangerous for health. Timing the application of sprays to best protect plants can also be a challenge.

In response to these issues, many growers have implemented air sanitation for growing marijuana. Effective air sanitation systems capture and neutralize fungal spores and other pathogens from the ambient environment. Investing in air sanitation for growing marijuana is a continuous, ongoing preventative process to keep plants safe.

Consider the Possibility of Toxic Emissions from the Air Sanitation System

When choosing an air sanitation technology for your marijuana growing environment, it is essential to consider the emissions released by the unit. Some air purification systems rely on toxic chemicals or organic compounds to neutralize plant diseases. This may cause harmful compounds to be released into your growing environment. This may affect plant health or the integrity of your product.

When looking for an air purification system, it is important to find one that is clean. For example, AiroClean420 effectively neutralizes 99.999987% of organic matter that enters its bioreactor. However, it does not produce ozone or other dangerous compounds. The chemical-free process protects your vulnerable crop from harm.

Energy Efficiency Is an Essential Component of Good Air Sanitation for Growing Marijuana

Growing marijuana can be an energy intensive process, making it important to become as energy efficient as possible. When choosing air sanitation for growing marijuana, ask about the energy needs of a given unit. Not only is a high energy-using technology wasteful, but it also adds dollars to your monthly expenses. A product such as AiroClean420 uses less than 2 Amps of voltage, making it an extremely cost effective technology.

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