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How Fungal Disease Control on Cannabis Can Be Easy

fungal disease control on cannabisFor years marijuana growers have been stymied by fungal disease control on cannabis – and for good reason. There are nearly 90 species of fungals that can attack cannabis, and more are found every year. The most prevalent is gray mold, which is caused by Botrytis Cinerea, but there are others that also pose a continual threat. Fortunately, recent developments have made controlling fungal disease much easier.

What Are the Most Serious Fungal Diseases Affecting Cannabis?

Gray Mold

Botrytis Cinerea, also known as gray mold or bud rot, is the most significant of all fungi affecting marijuana plants. It thrives in high humidity regions with moderate temperatures. Gray mold can, under these conditions, reach epidemic proportions. In fact, it can completely destroy an entire marijuana crop in less than a week.

Hemp Canker

The second most severe fungal disease for cannabis is hemp canker. This fungal plague is caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. It affects marijuana almost worldwide. In particular it hits North America, Europe, Australia, and Tasmania. Symptoms start out as blister-like lesions on branches and stems of nearly mature marijuana plants. Over time the blisters collapse into a canker-like lesion and become dark and discolored. They sometimes get covered in a white, powder-like substance. Once hemp canker infects a plant it will wither and die.

Downy Mildew

Caused by the Pseudoperonospora group of fungi, downy mildew is very harmful to cannabis. It first appears as pale yellow patches on the top sides of mature leaves. The undersides usually become covered with whitish or gray spores that look like cotton. This “downy” appearance is where the fungus gets its name. Like many fungals, downy mildew thrives in temperate weather regions, especially those with high humidity. Spore production prefers temperatures around 65 degrees or even a little cooler, and very high humidity. Spores are usually spread through the air (airborne).

Use Preventive Measures to Keep Your Cannabis Fungal Free

Once the above fungals, or others, have infected your plants, it becomes extremely difficult to do much for them. You are then in an uphill fight to save your uninfected plants. By far, the best way to fight fungals is by preventing their appearance in the first place. This is not as difficult as it sounds. Since most fungals are airborne, the best defense is an air purification system.

A good example is the AiroClean420. This device draws in air from your growing environment and captures then kills fungal spores. The air exiting the device is exceptionally clean and completely free of any and all spores. This prevents fungal disease from infecting your grow room and plants.

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