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The Best Way to Stop Botrytis on Marijuana

stop botrytis on marijuanaCannabis growers have been looking for ways to stop Botrytis on marijuana for years with mixed results. Botrytis, also known as bud rot or gray mold, is a tough threat. And getting rid of it can seem like a nearly impossible chore. Why? Because sooner or later every grower of marijuana has to deal with the effects of an outbreak. At least, that’s been the case until recently.

What Is Botrytis?

Botrytis is an airborne fungus that appears as a gray, powdery mold. The fungus can be found in almost any environment where plants are grown. When it first hits the plant it looks like white powder, but quickly darkens to gray. The spores are spread through the air (airborne), but can also be spread by water. If you have an indoor growing facility the spores are almost always spread through the air.

Botrytis has to have a source of nutrients before it will invade a plant. Dying plant materials like old leaves are a great source of nutrients. Another source is damaged plant parts that might be leaking nutrients from a wound. Once it has latched onto a food source Botrytis gets more aggressive and attacks healthy plant tissue. You will notice that a brownish colored rot forms in the damaged tissue. Other things that promote growth of this pathogen are high-humidity, warmth, and crowded conditions.

How Do You Know You Have Botrytis?

Once it begins, an infestation of Botrytis can move very quickly through your plants. It usually hits cannabis plants from inside the big buds a month or so before you harvest. Since the infestation usually starts near the stem, it’s hard to see until too late.

Usually the first sign of infection is a lone leaf from the kola starting to dry up. It can be spotted if you bend the bigger kola a bit to see the inside of the bud and stem. If you see a white, gray, or bluish green mold inside the bud, your plants have been infected.

How to Stop It – An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

This expression has never been truer than when it applies to an airborne infestation like Botrytis. The ideal solution is to put something in place that will stop airborne infections before they get anywhere near your plants. This is not nearly as difficult as it sounds.

One of the best ways to stop airborne infestations is a good air purification system like the AiroClean420. This device uses technology developed for NASA to sterilize air in the space station. It removes all harmful airborne pathogens like spores, molds, and VOCs before they can get at your plants.

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