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Why Fungal Disease Control on Infused Products Is Important

fungal disease control on infused productsFungal disease control on infused products is a significant concern for today’s marijuana growers. The infused cannabis market is a profitable and rapidly expanding part of the marijuana industry. But this rosy picture is clouded by the presence of fungal disease on the product. This is becoming a huge problem throughout the industry.

Control of Spores and Blights on Infused Products Is Spotty

There are millions of infused edible marijuana products sold every year in Colorado alone. This number is rapidly expanding as other states permit medical and recreational marijuana use. But how are growers dealing with the ever-present fungal disease problem?

Steps taken by individual growers often differ. The vast majority work hard to get a handle on fungal disease on their cannabis while it’s growing. Yet many growers slack off when dealing with the same disease on infused products. Many of them don’t think they need to do anything post harvest. Or they don’t realize how this blight can negatively affect the end product. Seeing the reasons for controlling blights on infused products is essential for coming up with a successful strategy.

Are You Fighting Fungal Disease on Infused Products?

Once the marijuana plants and buds are harvested, they begin a process of conversion into infused products. Many growers think that once harvested, the plants and buds are not susceptible to any fungal or other pathogen issues. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Fungal disease can still wreak havoc on harvested plants. How? The fungal spores can thrive just as much on harvested buds as on growing buds. Everything they need is in that bud, harvested or not.

You should be concerned about controlling fungal disease on infused products. For one thing, the disease will give the marijuana a strange taste and smell. And nobody knows the health issues that might be involved with ingesting fungal spores. This would be especially important for users of medical marijuana. It stands to reason that ingesting cannabis products infested with fungal disease might be unsafe. For these reasons it’s important to fight fungal disease on infused products.

How Do You Control Fungal Disease on Infused Products?

Right now you’re no doubt wondering what’s the best way to control fungal disease on infused products. The easiest, cheapest, and most sensible way is to prevent the fungal spores from ever entering your growing facility. One of the best ways is to incorporate an air purification method like the AiroClean420.

The AiroClean420 was designed for NASA to remove airborne pathogens on the space station. This technology is effective at scrubbing air clear of all spores and other blights that affect marijuana plants.

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