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What Do I Need to Know About Plant Disease and My Indoor Air Quality?

about plant diseaseIf you’re a grower, there’s a lot you should know about plant disease and air quality. There is a major connection between the quality of the air in your indoor growing areas and the health of your indoor plants. Plants grown indoors can be subject to some of the most aggressive airborne diseases. Spores and other pathogens in the air inside an enclosed space can attach themselves to plants, eventually killing them.

What Are Some of the Worst Plant Diseases Carried by Indoor Air?

Spoors, fungal diseases, and other airborne pathogens can wreak havoc on your indoor plants. Air can carry all manner of molds, mildews, and other plant-killing diseases. Here’s a look at some of the most common airborne diseases:

Bud Rot

This fungal disease is also known by its scientific name, Botrytis Cinerea. It is more often called by its more descriptive name: gray mold. By any name this thing is a natural-born plant killer. It is the most powerful of all fungi that attack cannabis and other kinds of indoor-grown plants.

It grows best in regions with moderate temperatures and high humidity. Under the right conditions, gray mold can achieve epidemic proportions. In fact, entire cannabis crops can be destroyed in under a week.

Hemp Canker

Of nearly equal danger to marijuana plants is hemp canker. This airborne fungal kills marijuana in growing areas around the world. It is especially prevalent in North America and Western Europe.

It starts manifesting as blisters on stems and branches of mature and nearly mature cannabis plants. Soon the blisters turn into a lesion, or canker, and become discolored and dark. Sometimes the plants become covered in a white powdery material. Plants infected with hemp canker have little chance of survival and generally wither up and die.

Downey Mildew

Of very great danger to marijuana plants is downy mildew. It usually makes its appearance as faded yellow spots on the tops of older leaves. The underside of the leaves normally gets covered gray of off-white spores that look like downy cotton. This is how the downy mildew gets its name. Like gray mold, downy mildew grows best in high humidity temperate growing areas.

Deadly Fungal Spores Spread Through the Air

Once airborne fungals like those above have infected your plants, it’s pretty much game over. There is almost nothing you can do short of tearing up your plants and starting again.

There is no question that the best approach to dealing with fungal diseases is by keeping them out of your indoor air to start with. Since most of the most serious pathogens are airborne, an air purification system is the best solution.

The AutoClean420 is a great example of a potent air cleaning system. This is a Developed for NASA technology that removes all spores and other pathogens from the air. The air exiting the device is completely free of all spores. Meaning your plants remain safe.

You can learn more about plant disease and how the AiroClean420 helps to prevent it. Call 844-247-3913 to talk to one of our AiroClean420 specialists.

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