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What Is Blight Disease and How Will It Affect My Plants?

what is blight disease and how will it affect my plants

The words “powdery mildew” or “grey mold” often strike fear into the hearts of cannabis growers. However, when you ask, “what is blight disease?” many growers don’t know the exact answer. This is unfortunate, because cannabis blight disease can seriously affect the health of your plants. It can be every bit as deadly as powdery mildew or grey mold. Thus, it is essential to learn the warning signs of blight to ensure that your marijuana plants remain safe.

What is Blight Disease?

Those wondering “what is blight disease?” may be surprised to find that it is not a specific disease at all. Rather, blight is a syndrome that refers to a cluster of common symptoms. Blight disease occurs most commonly because of fungal infection. However, it is possible for bacterial infections to cause blight on cannabis plants.

The most common form of blight on cannabis plants is known as brown blight. Brown blight is caused by the fungi Alternaria alternata or Alternaria tenuis. Other types of blight can be caused by cylindrosporium, leptosphaeria, sclerotium, or dendrophoma species of fungi.

Symptoms of Blight Disease on Cannabis Plants

Blight is most likely to affect plants a few weeks before harvest time. Look for dark, blotchy spots on leaves, discolored tips of leaves, growth that has significantly slowed, wilting, and yellowing of the leaves or stem. Eventually, plants die from blight disease.

Learning How to Combat Blight Disease on Marijuana Plants

There are many recommendations on how to combat blight. For example, adding certain beneficial bacteria to the soil can enrich the soil, preventing the spread of fungal infections. The bacteria bacillus subtilis is a naturally-occurring form of bacteria that combats blight.

However, the best action to take against blight is to prevent it from taking hold in the first place. Blight spreads when fungal spores (or bacterial cells) float through the air, coming into contact with other plants. Plant overcrowding or humid conditions can contribute to this problem. Thus, the solution must be a way to eliminate fungal spores from the general environment.

AiroClean420 is an air purification system that does just that. By sweeping fungal spores from the air, AiroClean420 can pass them through its reactor to eliminate the spores entirely. This technology was developed for NASA for use in outer space, ensuring that it is the top quality way of eliminating fungi for growers wondering “what is blight disease and how do I get rid of it?” Contact AiroClean420 to learn more about it combats blight on cannabis plants.

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