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What Does White Mold on Cannabis Buds Mean?

what does white mold mean on your cannabis buds

Any grower can feel it at any time – the dread of possibly losing a cannabis crop to a moldy fungal disease. It cuts especially deep when the buds are growing and it’s almost time to harvest. When you see powder, dust, strands, or bumps on leaves and cannabis buds, what does it mean? It means it’s time to get serious about stopping fungus before it can take root on your plants. You might have time to stop this infection, whatever it is, and save your crops – here’s a look at what that white mold on your cannabis buds may be, and how you can stop it in its tracks with the right protection.

Powdery, Layered, Fluffy, or Bumpy – White Mold on Cannabis

Like any plant, your cannabis can be affected by mold of all kinds. But, there are common white mold infections that a cannabis grower should be able to identify.

Powdery Mildew: It’s the bane of growers everywhere, powdery mildew is one of the most devastating fungal infections. True to its name, it appears on leaves and buds as a powdery white dust. When it’s sporing, it’s very easy to spread through the air by bumping or jostling affected plants.

Downy Mildew: A fungus that requires close inspection for early detection, downy mildew appears as yellowing on the tops of leaves, and a white layer on the underside. It can attack buds as well.

Botrytis: This white-gray, fluffy fungus causes bumps on leaves and buds, and can spread throughout a crop in under a week. Growers also know this fungus as bud rot. Identifying, isolating, and destroying affected plants quickly is key after exposure to botrytis.

When it comes to any of these infections, if you’re lucky enough to spot it early – consider it a wake-up call. Growers should isolate affected plants at the very least. But, infected plants often need to be destroyed. Regardless, your next step is to put prevention in place to keep spores from landing and infecting the rest of your plants.

Air Purification That Destroys Mold and Fungus

The solution to airborne spores, no matter where they come from, is air purification that can stop them in their tracks before they land. The PCO technology in AiroClean420 continually processes the air in your facility, whether you put it in your grow room, seedling nursery, or curing room. It doesn’t just catch unwanted organic particles and displace them to dispose of later – it kills all unwanted organic particles that come through its processor, turning threats like fungus, bacteria, and even volatile organic compounds into trace elements of carbon dioxide and water vapor. AiroClean420 only outputs clean air and these trace elements – with no harmful emissions. This will help destroy the white mold on cannabis buds.

Using AiroClean420 to Protect Against Mold

It’s easy to use, and an AiroClean420 unit will not interfere with sensitive environmental factors like light, humidity, or temperature. Simply hang the unit up like a light fixture, plug it in, and turn it on to run continuously. With different models to choose from, there’s an AiroClean420 system to fit your space. Find out the right configuration for your facility – reach out to one of our air purification experts to get started, and install powerful protection against white mold, fungus, and other diseases on your cannabis leaves and buds.

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