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PCO Purifiers Vs. Air Ionizers for Growing Cannabis

PCO purifiers vs air ionizers for growing cannabis

Protecting your cannabis crop is the top priority when you’re choosing an air purification system – and picking the right option means saving time, money, and your hard-grown product. When it comes to industrial air ionizers for your cannabis, though, there are drawbacks to consider. On the other hand, PCO provides an alternative that’s highly efficient, effective, and safe. Choosing between the two means knowing what differentiates them – discover the difference between air ionizers and PCO purifiers for your cannabis grow room.

Air Ionizers in a Cannabis Grow Room

Ionization technology operates, on a basic level, by charging molecules in the air with a negative electrical charge. These charged molecules are called ions, and because of their charge they attach to other molecules in the air. These particles, now heavy, fall and land on the ground (or anything underneath them). Sometimes the particles will attach to walls, and some ionizers have plates inside of them for particles to stick to. In a cannabis grow room, that means airborne particles like fungal spores and bacteria attach to ions and precipitate out of the air – oftentimes landing on plants.

Ionizers and Ozone

This is just the basic concept, some ionizers include different additions like fans and filters, or bipolar ionization where both negative and positive ions are generated. Ionizers do have the possibility of destabilizing organic molecules – in part because of the concentration of ions, but also because of a dangerous gas the ionization process can produce: ozone. While ozone has been found to disrupt bacteria and other unwanted organics, it has also been found to cause respiratory problems – even when inhaled in small amounts.

If you use an industrial air ionizer in your cannabis grow, not only are fungal spores potentially more likely to land on your plants, you and your employees may even be inhaling a harmful VOC, or volatile organic compound. A better option would be equipment that processes and destroys unwanted organic particles – not something that makes them heavier. Your facility needs a solution that doesn’t produce any harmful emissions.

A Safe, Effective Solution: PCO Air Purification

Photocatalytic oxidation, or PCO, was developed for NASA’s air sanitization system – and it’s the same technology that’s used in every AiroClean420 unit. It’s an air purification technology that doesn’t produce VOCs or harmful emissions, uses no harmful chemicals, and which kills 99.99% of unwanted organic particles and pathogens that come through its sealed reaction chamber. Rather than allowing fungal spores to fall onto your plants, and potentially infect them, AiroClean420 destroys them with PCO – turning them into harmless trace elements of carbon dioxide and water vapor. The reaction is completely contained, producing no ozone and protecting your employees as well as your plants.

PCO Units for Every Space

PCO is a technology that works at scale, too, and a properly planned AiroClean420 air purifier system will provide coverage for your entire facility. Ionization requires diligent dusting to remove fallen particles, and because of the ozone it can even require extra steps for employee safety – not PCO. With AiroClean420, you just install your unit and turn it on – letting it operate continuously for 24/7 protection in your grow room and beyond. It’s easy to protect your crops with AiroClean420, find out for yourself. Reach out to one of our air purification experts and discover the benefits of this safe, efficient, and scientifically proven cannabis air purification system today.

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