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What to do About Powdery Mildew on Dried Buds

What to do about Powdery Mildew on Dried Buds

It’s devastating. Your cannabis has matured and survived all the way to curing – and one of the dried buds of your product has a powdery white mold or mildew spot on it. If you look closely, you might even see it on a few other buds nearby. Powdery mildew (or PM) on your dried buds can render them unusable and unsalable – completely unfit for market. Even worse, it can indicate a more extensive problem: PM on your still-growing cannabis. There is a way to address the problem of PM on dried buds, and to protect your crops so it doesn’t happen again. Follow along and we’ll show you how.

(The surest answer to keeping PM from taking hold on your plants is prevention – AiroClean420 makes preventing powdery mildew as simple as possible!)

What to do With PM-Infected Dried Buds

Unfortunately, in an industrial setting, disposal may be your best option for dried buds with powdery mildew on them – you just can’t risk a product with potentially toxic fungal spores in it. First, though – take a look at the buds nearby and make sure it hasn’t spread. Even if the plant material is dried, powdery mildew can still infect the buds – and long enough exposure to an infected bud means that your entire harvest could be in jeopardy. Once you dispose of the affected buds, you may think you’re done – but the problem isn’t solved just yet.

Tracking Down Powdery Mildew

PM on the end product could indicate PM on your plants themselves. You need to check the plants you harvested from, and any plants nearby. PM infection during harvest can be catastrophic, because it provides lots of opportunity for the infection to spread through the air. Closely inspect leaves and buds on the remaining plants for signs of powdery mildew. If you spot anything at all, isolate the plant in question and cut off all infected parts. Carefully take it to a separate growing environment and monitor it for continued fungal growth. Even this method of protection isn’t guaranteed – jostled plants, spores on clothes, any kind of movement can cause spores to get into the air. That’s why you need something that destroys PM before it lands – a powerful air purifier to protect your plants.

Creating a Safer Growing Environment

AiroClean420 is that purifier – it uses a powerful purification method developed for NASA and is scientifically proven to destroy airborne contaminants like fungal spores before they land on your plants. You can stop powdery mildew throughout your facility, even during the curing process. It’s as simple as installing a light fixture, has no effect on your light, humidity, or heat levels, and there are a variety of units to cover spaces of all sizes. The technology in the AiroClean420 puts it far ahead of standard carbon air filters – but the bottom line is that it can protect your cannabis crops, dried and cured or still-growing. Prevent crop loss to powdery mildew and other diseases – learn more about the AiroClean420.

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