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Why AiroClean420 is Right for Your Customers

why AiroClean420 is right for you and your customers - hydroponics supplier

You can offer a solution that simplifies your customers’ lives and keeps them from losing their crops. And, it works without harmful chemicals or emissions. As a supplier of indoor gardening and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) equipment, you’re well aware of the benefits of indoor growing. Greater control over environmental factors like light, water usage, heat, and soil characteristics lead to greater expected yields and faster grow cycles. And, your customers’ grow season is all year-round – these are only a few reasons to grow hydroponically or indoors. These effective gardens and farms develop their own unique problems though. In an enclosed system like the ones your customers are creating, there are issues that can spiral out of hand.

A Solution to Stop Airborne Disease

Disease is the biggest threat to an indoor grower’s crops, and often that means airborne infections and threats. For many indoor, hydroponic, and CEA growers, air quality is the key factor that can defend against infection and crop loss. But, their options can seem limited. Complicated filtration systems, chemical air purifiers, and purifiers that produce ozone all have inconveniences or even dangerous emissions that come from their use. Not AiroClean420. With powerful, technology Developed for NASA, your customers can easily circulate pure air throughout their facility with no harmful emissions whatsoever. As a supplier, AiroClean420 comes with unique benefits for your business, too.

How is AiroClean420 Beneficial to Your Business?

  • Proven Effectiveness: Thousands of AiroClean420 air purification units have been in use all across the US and internationally since 2002, and multiple scientific studies have been published to prove the effectiveness of this technology – though customers will be able to see the results for themselves. With a large collection of educational materials, and more being published monthly, you have a powerful set of tools for proof and customer education.
  • Easy to Stock: Whether you would prefer to drop ship and send orders directly to a customer from our warehouse, or to buy units and store or display them yourself, we have shipping options to work with your business model and make it easy to provide these powerful solutions.
  • Easy to Package: With multiple unit sizes, you can create starter grow packages and kits for any size grower, from hobbyists and home growers with indoor grow tents to industrial growers with thousands of square feet to cover in their CEA facility. It’s easy to incorporate AiroClean420 into your own existing starter kits, too. Set customers up for success with kits that include the best in air purification.
  • Easy to Recommend: We’re here to help determine the right number and types of units for grow spaces of any size and description. You can confidently inform customers of how best to protect their grow room air.
  • Carry Replacement Parts: Simple maintenance for each unit can require proprietary bulbs and filters (per unit), which you as a supplier can also carry for customer convenience.

How is AiroClean420 Beneficial to Your Customers?

  • Powerful Purification: Kill 99.99% of airborne fungus, bacteria, viruses, and other unwanted organic particles with technology Developed for NASA. Reduce crop losses to disease.
  • No Emissions: Zero harmful emissions are produced. All organic particles destroyed by the unit are reduced to trace elements of carbon dioxide and water vapor.
  • Easy Installation: The unit hangs from the ceiling just like a grow light, customers can flip the switch and leave the unit running for 24/7 protection.
  • Safe Operation: The unit emits no light externally, only a safe green glow from the “on” indicator. Customers will have no interruption to their programmed light cycles.
  • Energy Efficient: a standard AiroClean420 unit uses less than 2 amps of power at 110 volts.
  • Easy Maintenance: Infrequent maintenance involves changing the proprietary bulbs in the unit, and, only in select units, changing a dust filter. Both operations are designed to be quick and easy.

The Right Purification for Indoor Growers

Convenient, safe, and powerful, with AiroClean420 you can help protect your customers’ crops from airborne diseases and prevent the devastating crop losses that they cause. Big or small, it’s the right air purification solution for your customers. Reach out to us and find out how easy it is to carry this effective air purification powerhouse!

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