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The Best Ways to Control Botrytis on Cannabis Plants

control botrytis on cannabisMarijuana consumers have recently been raising concerns that medical marijuana products contain harmful mold. It is true that a mold infestation can persist after plants are harvested and buds are in the drying process. This health concern makes it imperative for cannabis growers to be vigilant about the effects of mold on plants. Botrytis cinerea is one of the most common fungal infections to affect marijuana plants. Thus, it is important to learn industry best practices to control botrytis on cannabis.

Keep Humidity and Moisture Under Control

The best way to control botrytis on cannabis is to prevent spores from taking hold in the first place. Thus, it is essential to carefully monitor growing conditions to keep your facility mold-free. Botrytis cinerea thrives in damp environments. Eliminate moisture by being vigilant about time of day that you water plants, how much water they receive, and whether water is quickly absorbed by roots. Seedlings thrive best at a humidity level of 70%, but it is important to drop the humidity to the 40% range as plants mature. This will prevent a humid environment from causing the proliferation of botrytis cinerea.

Monitor Air Quality

Many medicinal marijuana growers use large fans to circulate air throughout their growing environment. This has two benefits: it cools plants from excess heat from grow lights and it decreases moisture accumulation on plants. However, using large fans has a significant drawback. Blowing air over plants also circulates millions of mold spores throughout the environment. These spores can cross from the grow room into the cannabis processing and drying areas as well. Thus, monitoring air quality is essential to control botrytis on cannabis plants.

One of the best investments in air quality for medical marijuana is an air purification system that actually kills mold spores. This can give you peace of mind that your other ventilation devices are not spreading mold to your entire crop.

Prophylactic Plant Sprays

All-natural plant sprays are another good way to control botrytis on cannabis plants. The most effective plant sprays are somewhat basic in pH. For example, mixing milk or baking soda — both alkaline — with water halts botrytis growth.

Preventing botrytis cinerea from spreading is the best thing a grower can do for marijuana plants. Ventilation systems just aren’t enough; a technologically advanced air purification system is needed to capture and eliminate botrytis spores. AiroClean420 is one of the best ways to control botrytis on cannabis plants. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your growing operation avoid costly mold outbreaks.

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