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What to Look For When Choosing Mold Removal Services

mold removal servicesEvery marijuana grower deals with plant diseases at some point. The most common class of diseases to affect cannabis plants is fungi. From powdery mildew to gray mold to bud rot, fungi can wipe out an entire crop in days to weeks. Once you notice signs of fungal infection, it is important to take aggressive action. Choosing mold removal services is a smart way to ensure that your growing facility is free of plant pathogens.

Responsive Services

When you have a mold outbreak, time is of the essence. Your mold removal services need to act fast to clean the growing environment. This will allow you to save as many of your plants as possible. As you consider mold removal providers, ask about their responsiveness. Companies with individualized service are able to deploy rapidly to address your mold removal needs before an outbreak goes too far.

Extensive Experience

With expansion of medical marijuana to nearly two dozen states, there are options when it comes to mold removal services. While any mold cleaning company could technically cleanse your growing environment, it is best to find a service with specific experience working with cannabis growers. Specialists in cannabis cleaning operations understand the particular needs of medical marijuana growers. These mold removal services will keep an eye on safe cleaning chemicals, healthy plant sprays, and prevention of new infections.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Perhaps the most important quality to look for in mold removal services is a commitment to new technologies. Although the nature of a fungus outbreak has not changed, the options to respond to the threat have. Choose a company that is on the forefront of mold cleaning technologies to optimize your success. For example, AiroClean420 is a technology originally developed for use in outer space. By using a state-of-the-art, patented self-cleaning titanium dioxide catalyst technology, AiroClean420 is at the cutting edge of mold removal services. One of the most attractive elements of this option is that it is chemical free, user friendly, and can be fitted to nearly any environment.

A Focus on Prevention

Once mold has infected your crop, it may already be too late. The best mold cleaning services focus on prevention of an outbreak, rather than containment of an existing threat. Although it may involve an upfront investment, prevention technologies save money in the long run.

AiroClean420 is an industry leader in mold prevention services. With a technology Developed for NASA that neutralizes pathogens, AiroClean420 is poised to help with your mold problem. Unlike cleaning companies that provide a one-time clean, AiroClean420 is a long term solution that prevents the recurrence of mold outbreaks.

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