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The Most Effective Plant Fungus Treatment

plant fungus treatmentFungal infections are the most common and dangerous cannabis plant diseases. Investigating the best plant fungus treatment solutions will ensure the survival of your cannabis crop.

Draft a Specific Plant Fungus Treatment Plan

As a small business owner, leaving the health of your inventory up to chance is a problematic choice. Too often, cannabis growers act retroactively to ensure the health of their crops. This leaves them one step behind the fungal spores that can devastate an expensive group of plants.

To ensure the health of your plants, draft a plant fungus treatment plan before your first outbreak. This allows you to be prepared when disaster strikes. Be specific in your plan by including information on proper fungus diagnosis, preventative measures, and the best treatments for each type of fungus. Store your plan in a safe place where you can easily refer to it if you notice signs of fungus or mold on your cannabis plants.

The Best Plant Fungus Treatment

When it comes to effective plant fungus treatment, you have options. One of the most important steps is to modify environmental variables to inhibit the growth of fungal spores. Keeping air temperatures in the moderate range and reducing humidity levels (aim for less than 45% humidity) create conditions hostile to most fungi. Reducing crowding eliminates excess shade and prevents plants from spreading fungi through direct contact with one another. Additionally, an air purification system such as AiroClean420 can sweep spores from the ambient environment. By neutralizing potential pathogens, AiroClean420 significantly reduces the potential for fungi to spread throughout your grow room.

Sprays can also be effective plant fungus treatment options. On one end of the scale are chemical fungicides. While effective, these fungicides contain toxins that are a source of concern for many cannabis consumers. Organic producers or those concerned about providing a more natural product may prefer to use alternative, all-natural fungicides. For example, spraying plants with an alkaline solution inhibits the growth of many fungi, which prefer acidic growing conditions. Many cannabis growers recommend a sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate solution with water. Others treat plants with milk diluted with water. Spray plants with these all-natural fungicides several times per week to destroy fungal spores.

The most effective plant fungus treatment plan must include a method to maximize air quality. AiroClean420 is an industry leader in air purification. By taking in and neutralizing fungus spores and other pathogens, AiroClean420 guarantees the air quality in your cannabis growing environment. That translates to major dividends as the health of your plants improves.

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