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Finding the Best Air Purifier for Your Grow Room

finding the best air purifier for your grow roomThe air purifier in your indoor cannabis grow room is the first line of defense against airborne microbials and threats. So, finding the right one is among the best things you can do for your crops. Airborne contaminants cause multiple problems at once – so you need a unit that can prevent all of those issues. Here’s what to look for in the ideal grow room air purifier.

Air Purification to Increase Crop Retention

If you’ve experienced any crop loss to airborne diseases, you know very well how important air purification is. Some of the most common cannabis diseases are spread through the air, such as blight and powdery mildew. The ideal air purifier for your grow room attacks these diseases and eliminates them from the air. That disqualifies most air purification systems that rely on filtration since most, if not all, spores will pass through the filter.

Microbial Load and Organic Growing Standards

This one is a dual point. Some states and standards have microbial load limits – that is, a certain amount of harmful microbes on your cannabis will disqualify it from sale (or it might need to be processed into extract). Complying with these is one thing – but when you want to comply with organic standards too, it’s a different story. The ideal air purification system will help you manage microbial load on your plants regardless of the standard you stick to – and it will do so without the use of harmful pesticides.

No Emissions, No Danger

Finally, the ideal air purification unit circulates only pure air – with no emissions. That means no peroxides, no harmful particles, and definitely no ozone. Filtration could do that, but it could also miss the other marks, stated above. The ideal air purifier checks every box, without disturbing your grow room. That’s exactly what the AiroClean420 does.

Discover the Best Cannabis Air Purifier

Find out what makes AiroClean420 such a unique air purification system, reach out to us to discuss how it can improve air quality in your facility. It’s more than an air filter, and it doesn’t use ozone or peroxide – it truly does sanitize your air. Protect your crops and your investment, choose AiroClean420.

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