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How to Completely Clean Your Grow Room

How to completely clean your grow room

Preventing cannabis diseases, fungal infections, and pest infestations starts with a clean grow room, and that means maintaining sanitary surfaces, equipment, and air. Daily, weekly, monthly, and post-harvest cleaning tasks are a simple way to clean your grow room and keep it in top shape – but there’s a trick to grow room air sanitation that can save you time, money, and headaches. Read on to learn how you can keep your cannabis grow room completely clean year-round.

Cleaning Surfaces in Your Grow Room the Easy Way

The surfaces in your grow room see all the traffic – floors, walls, platforms, and tables are where all the work of growing gets done, of course. Tending to them regularly will prevent buildup of dirt, dust, and debris down the line – creating less vectors for disease and fungus to grow, and for pests to hide. Here’s how to protect the surfaces in your grow room on a regular basis.

  • Daily
    • Spills and debris: tend to dirt or chemical spills immediately, and pick up any noticeable debris like fallen leaves to reduce buildup.
  • Weekly
    • Sweep, dust, and vacuum: thoroughly sweep the floor and dust horizontal surfaces – this eliminates any remaining dirt and debris, and can help keep pests, their eggs, and fungal growth at bay.
  • Monthly
    • Wipedown: prepare a cleaning solution – we have a few suggestions in our article on cleaning grow tents – and wipe down exposed horizontal surfaces and equipment legs every month. Take the time to vacuum and get a cleaning brush in between walls and shelves or platforms and get the nooks and crannies as well to prevent insects.
  • Post-harvest
    • Deep cleaning: finally, every harvest you’ll want to deep clean your grow room. If you take an off-season where you aren’t actively growing anything, that’s another perfect time to deep clean. Remove all containers, equipment, and any surface coverings. Plan to clean those as well – but as for the surfaces, prepare some cleaning solution and get every corner of the room. Shift tables, and if your walls are non-porous wipe them down as well. If you use plastic sheeting of any kind, it’s an ideal time to replace damaged sections. As always, make sure to protect yourself with goggles, gloves, and a face mask when using solutions with bleach or H2O2.

Keeping Equipment Clean for Your Cannabis

Your equipment includes a number of items that need to be cleaned regularly – your tools of course, but also the clothes you wear, surface coverings, containers, light fixtures and bulbs, and the equipment that moves your air.

  • Daily
    • Clean clothing: you don’t have to be wearing totally sterile clothes to come into the grow room – but certain bugs and fungal spores may be hitchhiking on your clothing. Clean clothing can help prevent this. Your shoes are even a vector – so consider wearing shoe coverings when you come in. And, if any tools leave the grow room, you’ll want to wipe them down before they come back in.
  • Weekly
    • Cleaning tools and containers: as part of your weekly cleaning, tools inside the grow room, handles of any kind, and growing containers should be wiped down. Nothing too extensive, this is just to make sure the outsides of your containers are free from spores and grime.
  • Monthly
    • Coverings and hard-to-reach areas: prepare your cleaning solution and wipe down all surface coverings monthly. Check your air intake and insect filter to see if they need replacement, as these can blow contaminants into your grow space if they’re full. Also, dust off the tops of light fixtures, as these are often stationary and can easily collect dust.
  • Post-harvest
    • Sanitizing everything: at the end of your growing season, it’s the time to sanitize all of your equipment at once. This includes tools and containers, as well as your air equipment and light fixtures. Remove and clean light fixtures and carefully clean bulbs and reflectors. This is the ideal time to consider whether bulbs need replacement, as well.
    • For hydroponic cannabis growers: wipe down the outside and inside of your irrigation system, empty reservoir, and trays with an H2O2 solution and allow time to air dry.

Circulating Clean Air All Season

Finally, the air in your grow room could be the most important element to keep clean! Common diseases like cannabis blight, powdery mildew, and more can be spread through the air. Sanitary air is much easier to maintain than sanitary surfaces throughout the growing season, though. AiroClean420 can keep your air clean and free from threats and contaminants 24/7. Where a carbon filter might let smaller contaminants through, AiroClean420 doesn’t just stop them – it destroys them. Use this tool to request a custom facility proposal and find out how many units your space needs for clean air – then prepare for your cleanest growing season yet with AiroClean420!

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