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Marijuana Powdery Mildew and How Cleaner Air Can Help

cannabis powdery mildew and how clean air can help

Powdery mildew is a scourge to agricultural producers everywhere. This white, powdery fungus first begins to appear on plant leaves before spreading to affect stems, buds, and roots. Eventually, the entire plant succumbs to powdery mildew infection. Marijuana powdery mildew problems are endemic in many grow rooms. Achieving a higher air quality in your cannabis production area will dramatically reduce the risk of marijuana powdery mildew problems.

Most Marijuana Producers Mistakenly Prioritize Air Circulation over Air Purity

The use of grow lights is necessary to achieve the light-dark cycle needed for optimal cannabis plant health. Unfortunately, even with the best grow light technology, these lights throw off a lot of heat. To compensate for this heat production, many marijuana growers make use of large barn fans. These fans circulate air throughout a grow room, decreasing heat production from grow lights. Fans have the added benefit of reducing humidity that can gather between plants placed close together. This may keep humidity to more acceptable levels for cannabis growth.

The downside to this air circulation system is that it also spreads airborne pathogens around a growing environment. If one plant suffers exposure to marijuana powdery mildew, soon the entire grow room also suffers exposure to fungal spores. Despite this, many growers continue to use fans and other air circulation devices. These represent a significant threat to air quality and your resulting marijuana crop.

An Air Purification System Decreases Marijuana Powdery Mildew Problems

How, then, can growers achieve the pure air needed to keep plants safe from marijuana powdery mildew? The answer lies not in air circulation, but air purification. Air circulation simply means that air is being passively moved around an environment. Air purification is an active process by which pathogens are destroyed, improving the ambient air quality. By purifying the air, you can reduce or completely eliminate plant exposure to powdery mildew spores that can have a catastrophic effect.

AiroClean420 is the top air purification system for the destruction of marijuana powdery mildew. With technology used for NASA to cleanse outer space environments of fungal spores, AiroClean420 achieves an unprecedented level of air quality. The system works by passing air over a special reactor that captures and neutralizes powdery mildew spores. The AiroClean420 system then releases the fresh air, preventing pathogens from taking hold. Not only is AiroClean420 effective against powdery mildew, but it also is able to destroy other microorganisms that contribute to marijuana plant disease. This broad coverage makes it an attractive investment to protect your crop. To learn more about AiroClean420, contact us today.

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