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The Ideal Pre-Treatment for Powdery Mildew

the ideal pre-treatment for powdery mildew

With millions of species adapted to a variety of environments, mold and fungus is an ever-present threat to your plants. It makes sense that you would prepare your cannabis for the inevitability of an environment ripe for fungal growth. Often, the conditions that make it easier to grow quality cannabis at scale are the same that fungus likes. High to moderate humidity, moderate temperatures, and crowded plants can all lead to fungus, mold, and mildew in unprepared crops – but there’s a pre-treatment that doesn’t require dousing your plants in chemicals. In fact, it’s one that doesn’t require or produce any harmful chemicals or emissions at all! Discover the powerful cannabis pre-treatment that prevents powdery mildew, AiroClean420.

Fighting Fungus Before it Lands

Fungal spores are the threats you’re treating for in a cannabis pre-treatment. They’re what land, grow, and spread throughout your crops.

Most fungus species release their spores into the air – including powdery mildew – so your ideal cannabis pre-treatment will involve air purification.

Most filters are not fine enough to even stop the larger spores. That means most, if not all, spores slip through and are still an active threat to your cannabis crops.

AiroClean420 is not just a filter – it’s a full-scale air sanitation system. Our large two-stage models include filters to reduce dust, but the key to every model, big or small, is our sealed photocatalytic oxidation reaction chamber.

Pre-Treat Against Cannabis Fungus With Proven Technology

Photocatalytic oxidation, or PCO, is the process that kills organic threats without producing any harmful byproducts or emissions.

Air, carrying organic threats, enters the sealed reaction chamber, where proprietary PCO lamps activate a catalyst bed. The catalyst produces hydroxyl radicals, which are bound to the surface and react to the threats in the air, destroying them.

Threats are reduced to trace amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor, rendered totally harmless, and no emissions are produced – not even ozone. Pure air circulates through your grow room, and your cannabis plants are protected with no harmful chemical pre-treatments.

An Easy to Use Pre-Treatment for Cannabis Fungus

Stop powdery mildew, blight, hemp canker, and much more in their tracks with the right pre-treatment: AiroClean420! These air sanitation units continuously scrub the air for total protection from airborne threats, with no harmful emissions. Use this calculator to measure your space, and to request a personalized facility proposal tailored to your grow. Take the proactive approach to protecting your crops today.

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