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How to Get Rid of Powdery Mildew During Flowering

get rid of powdery mildew during floweringTrying to get rid of powdery mildew during flowering is a serious problem, and a difficult one to resolve. Short of dousing your infected plants in gasoline and lighting a match, your options are limited. The smart way to deal with powdery mildew is never to let your plants be exposed to spores in the first place.

There are many ways you, as a cannabis grower, can stop powdery mildew in its tracks. First of all, you want to put the brakes on the mildew before it gets into your growing areas and infects your plants. More on how to do that in a bit.

Some Background on Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is one of the worst of all the fungal diseases. It can completely destroy an entire crop of cannabis in under a week if left unchecked. And even if you do everything humanly possible to avoid it, once this blight has started infecting your plants, your options become quite limited. If you’re growing cannabis indoors, it can present even more of a risk.

Powdery mildew first shows up on plants as a white or gray powder. The powder is a by-product of the fungal spores and usually appears on the cannabis leaves, as well as other areas like the colas, where the female flowers bloom.

Powdery mildew spores are airborne, meaning they spread through the air from one plant to another. To a much lesser degree, they can be spread by animals, humans and tools brushing up against a plant and then touching another plant. This is why it’s important to provide powerful and effective cannabis air purification.

This dangerous blight likes higher humidity, crowded growing conditions, and moderate to cool temperatures. The spores usually first appear on younger growth or newer leaves on mature plants. It soon spreads to the entire plant.

Sometimes the powder can’t be seen if it’s on an out-of-the-way plant. But be on the alert for an odor of rotting vegetation, which is the final stage of plant infection. If your growing area is giving off a strange odor, start looking carefully through all your plants for the tell-tale powder.

Prevention Is Best Way to Get Rid of Powdery Mildew

It’s crucial to fight this pathogen before it has a chance to reach your plants. Let’s remember that powdery mildew, like most pathogens, is airborne. It spreads by using the air in your grow areas. So the best way to prevent the spores from getting anywhere near your plants is to keep the air in your growing rooms totally clean and completely free of all threats. In short, kill powdery mildew before it kills your crop.

An Effective Air Sanitation System

You do this by setting up a good air purification system. This is the best way to scrub the air clean and keep pathogens away from your plants. Keeping the air completely free of mold spores and other blights will forever solve the problem of powdery mildew.

One of the best air sanitation systems on the market is our AiroClean420 commercial air purification unit and our Airo Home / Hobby smaller unit. Our system uses our technology to keep grow room air clean and free of pathogens. We have helped many marijuana growers to protect their crop with this system.

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What kind of results can you expect when you use AiroClean420? This state-of-the-art device draws in the air in your growing area. Once inside, it scrubs the air. This is where all the airborne diseases, powdery mildew, spores, fungi, mold, blights, etc. are killed (AiroClean420 does NOT produce and/or use ozone or any other chemical or gas). The air exiting the device is completely pure and free of any threats.

To find out more about how the AiroClean420 gets rid of powdery mildew during flowering, contact us online. Or talk to an AiroClean420 expert at 844-247-3913.

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