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AiroClean420 vs Powdery Mildew | Cannabis Case Study

Thousands of AiroClean420 cannabis air purification units are in operation, stopping powdery mildew and helping cannabis cultivators grow healthy, mold-free marijuana. Because of our proven process, we put our powerful protection to the test in our recent case study with a commercial cannabis grower. Continue reading to see the results of our technology Developed for NASA at work.

The Situation

A multi-state nationally-branded cannabis company who specializes in cultivation, manufacturing, extraction, packaging, and dispensaries needed to reduce presence of powdery mildew and stop it from spreading. To achieve this, an AiroClean420 commercial cannabis air purification unit was installed.

Case Study Details

The test for AiroClean420 air purification was applied across 86 plants with powdery mildew visually present on leaves & stems. This included four different strains of cannabis. 27 Pineapple Express, 18 Katsu Bubba Kush, 27 Kosher Tangie plants and 14 Chunky Diesel cannabis plants we observed. Results were evaluated after one and two weeks of our system implementation.

AiroClean420 Cannabis Case Study Results

The Results

Within the first week of the test, AiroClean420 was able to significantly reduce powdery mildew presence on stems and leaves. As a result of two weeks of AiroClean420 taking effect, powdery mildew did not spread to other strains or plants. Overall, the occurrence of the fungal disease in surrounding plants of different strains was eliminated. This means the airborne threat of powdery mildew was removed from the grow facility.

Our Recommendation

In conclusion of this successful cannabis case study, AiroClean420 is an energy efficient, reliable and proven solution to powdery mildew on cannabis plants. For both commercial and home / caregiver growers, AiroClean420 technology can effectively stop powdery mildew. We can keep your facility compliant. Finally, we help you grow healthy marijuana through each stage. Ready to join the growers who protect their cannabis from powdery mildew? Contact us for more information.

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