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The Gift of Pure Air

Give your plants the gift of pure air

This holiday season, ensure a vibrant, flourishing future for your plants and give them the gift of pure air. As cannabis seedlings grow, the light, soil, and grow environment temperature are all important factors for their best development. The quality and purity of the air when growing cannabis indoors is equally important. Our Airoclean420 technology pushes pure air to your marijuana plants through every stage of their growth. Discover why the best gift you can give your plants (and yourself) is pure air. 

The Benefits of Pure Air

Bacteria, fungus, mold spores – these airborne contaminants and other threats are looming in your grow facility ready to attack your cannabis plants from day one. Cannabis air purification means eliminating these threats like powdery mildew while avoiding any harmful emissions like ozone. These contaminants pose a risk to your crops, and, if not removed, may bring devastation to your harvest. With our proven air purification system, the benefits of pure air include keeping your air clean, stopping powdery mildew, no harmful gasses or chemicals and growing healthy cannabis.

Control Mold and Fungus

Powdery mildew, fungus, and other cannabis pathogens spread quickly through the air. An ineffective air filter or spotty treatment methods can miss a large portion of the airborne threats in your growing space. Airoclean420 was originally designed for large commercial spaces, but the Airoclean420 Home / Hobby unit has been specifically scaled to benefit smaller grow spaces. With one efficient unit you can control mold and fungus in a room of up to 1,200 cubic feet. More units can also be used for larger facilities.

How Can You Create More Pure Air?

The easiest way to give your plants the gift of pure air is to ensure that you are utilizing high-quality technology proven to reduce airborne threats without emissions. Airoclean420 doesn’t produce any harmful emissions, and it neutralizes 99.999987% of contaminants in your air. It mineralizes mold and fungi, pollen, viruses, bacteria, allergens, and VOCs  before they get to your plants. All that’s left in your grow room is pure air for your cannabis. No matter the size of your grow space, you can provide powerful protection against airborne threats with AiroClean420’s cannabis air purification. 

Safely manage contaminants at every stage of plant growth. Give yourself and your plants pure air starting this holiday season. Contact us to learn more about the Airoclean 420 Home/Hobby unit, and how it can help your plants thrive.

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