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Stop Powdery Mildew on Home Grown Cannabis

Stop powdery mildew on home grown cannabis with Airo by Airoclean420

Growing cannabis or any plant in a small space poses threats. This is something that many home growers and hobbyists are well aware of. From lighting to temperature, providing your plants with a clean, controlled environment is vital for their quality and lifespan. It’s pertinent to stop powdery mildew on home grown cannabis plants not only to avoid loss but to protect against harmful effects of fungal infestation. Let us introduce a simple solution, our new Airo Home / Hobby grow unit!

Powdery Mildew Process

Powdery mildew is among the deadliest of all the cannabis plant pathogens and diseases. It thrives in marijuana growing environments with higher humidity and mild or cool temperatures. The fungus is airborne and highly contagious to surrounding plants. Powdery mildew usually targets new plants and young leaves. Once the fungal spores land, the powdery white or gray mildew forms and spread quickly. If not addressed, it can wipe out your marijuana plants in a few days.

An infected cannabis plant is dangerous, not only to your other plants but to your personal health if consumed. Medical marijuana patients with lower immunity rely on the cleanliness and quality of organic cannabis. Just as it is harmful to plants, powdery mildew can cause respiratory illness and complications in humans.

Simple Solution to Stop Powdery Mildew on Home Grown Cannabis

The easiest way to stop powdery mildew on home grown cannabis plants is to eliminate its threat before it gets a chance to infect at all. How? Our new Airo Home / Hobby grow unit. We’ve listened to our customer requests for a smaller unit to provide the same big results. The Airo Home / Hobby is a lightweight, 18-pound air purification unit you can easily install in your grow space.

We’ve taken our proven technology Developed for NASA and designed the Airo Home / Hobby unit to push over 99.99% pure air to smaller grow spaces. Based on the success of thousands AiroClean420 units operating in North American cannabis facilities, our energy efficient model helps home growers and hobbyists cultivate their highest quality cannabis yet.

Not only is our Airo Home / Hobby grow unit simple to install, it also immediately provides a safe space for marijuana plants to grow. It safely eliminates airborne threats like mold and mildew without harsh chemicals. No harmful emissions or ozone come from the Airo Home / Hobby either.

Go Small & Grow Home

Bigger is better for commercial growers, but our new small air purification unit packs a big pure punch. Eliminate pathogens you can’t see, and enjoy the vibrancy you can see. You can feel good about your cannabis quality and your investment in Airo Home / Hobby. Calculate your unit needs with our online calculator, and start growing your cleanest green at home!

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