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Introducing Airo Home / Hobby

Airo Home / Hobby is new AiroClean home growers unit

AiroClean420 is proud to introduce the Airo Home/Hobby grow unit! Our new product is specifically designed for smaller cannabis grow rooms and spaces. The Airo Home / Hobby uses the same Developed for NASA Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology that the AiroClean420 commercial unit uses to stop powdery mildew and other plant diseases from destroying your homegrown cannabis.

Get a Hobby

If you’ve been growing cannabis or have been thinking about starting, do your plants a favor and use the Airo Home / Hobby grow unit. At a compact 18 pounds, you can easily install the air sanitation unit to help ensure your plants are free of mold, mildew and airborne threats.

Under $900, our home air purification unit is remarkably affordable. Our home grow unit saves you money by continuously running 24/7 to reduce airborne contaminants and to help cultivate
high quality product. It’s simple to install. It provides pure air to your plants, and it puts your mind at ease by eliminating the worry of contamination. You can cultivate high quality cannabis in a comfortable and clean environment.

Home Grown

The benefits of using our trusted Developed for NASA technology at home are numerous. Based on the success of thousands of AiroClean420 systems operating in North American cannabis facilities, we have responded to customer demands to develop a smaller, energy efficient model for cannabis home grow and/or hobbyists.

Our Airo Home / Hobby grow unit provides a safe space for marijuana plants to flourish. This means no emissions, no ozone, no harsh chemicals and no airborne threats to contaminate and infect plants. The air purification unit will help you pass compliance testing as well.

No Home for Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew thrives in closed green spaces, but our air sanitation product will stop powdery mildew from devastating your plants. It pushes over 99% pure air throughout your grow space. It also removes airborne threats that pass through its processor. Installing our Airo Home / Hobby unit is one of the best investments in your journey to producing clean cannabis.

If you’re just getting started with growing cannabis or simply need to eliminate airborne threats like mold and powdery mildew, our Airo Home / Hobby unit can help kick start your cannabis cleanliness.

At AiroClean420, we are excited to introduce the Airo Home / Home air purification unit to small batch growers. Use our online calculator to see how many units you may need for your grow space and learn more about our newest product for the growing market.

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