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Growing Healthier Roots for Better Cannabis

growing healthier roots for cannabis

The root system of your cannabis is the source of its vitality. This network under your plant absorbs and carries nutrients, helps in respiration, and supports the growth of the plant through its entire lifecycle. It’s important enough to the plant that even if leaves are falling off, you might find the roots totally unaffected and the plant able to recover. Healthy roots make for quality cannabis, so today we’re walking through three tips to help you grow stronger, healthier roots, and even better crops – with one special tip about air quality and root health.

In each of the containers where you grow your cannabis, there’s a vital ecosystem supporting your plant. Microbes, water, and even air all play a part in the health of your plants, so how can you balance these factors and grow healthier cannabis roots? 

Encourage The Right Microbes

Microbes and fungi live throughout your substrate, exchanging nutrients with the plant and, ideally, providing a beneficial relationship. You can improve root growth by encouraging the right bacteria and fungi for the strain of cannabis you’re growing – and you can even inoculate the soil with these beneficial species, such as with mycorrhizae supplements.

The key to encouraging positive microbial and fungal growth is ensuring they’re able to outcompete the bad fungus and microbes. One way of doing that is by eliminating unwanted microbial threats wherever possible – including the air. Cannabis air purification from AiroClean420 ensures that those microbes can’t land on your plants or soil and ruin your root growth.

Follow the Ideal Watering Regimen

Striking the perfect balance in your watering regimen is crucial – too much water will suffocate roots, and too little stunts growth and kills the plant. Gradually increasing the amount of water your plants get as they grow is how you’ll strike the balance, as well as providing an ideal environment for drainage with proper containers and the right soil. 

When it comes to deep water culture (DWC) hydroponic growing, “overwatering” can be prevented by providing enough space above your water for the roots to respire. Ultimately, that’s what overwatering comes down to even for soil grows – respiration and oxygen. That’s why this next tip is so important for proper root growth.

Provide Clean Air and Oxygen

Soil substrates need to provide just enough oxygen for a plant to thrive. The roots of your cannabis use oxygen to produce ATP molecules, which are used to move energy throughout the structure of the plant. Without the oxygen, your plants will suffocate. Providing a substrate that retains water and allows for the flow of oxygen is a great start. Mixes with coco coir, perlite, clay pebbles, and more can help create space for oxygen – but one technique you might try is aerating your soil by hand. If mixing your own soil, you can ensure that only clean air gets into the mix by using an AiroClean420 unit in your preparation area.

Ensure Healthy Air for Your Plants

Healthy air and healthy roots go hand in hand – create the best environment for your plants and protect against powdery mildew and other fungal diseases with AiroClean420. Speak with an air purification expert, and find out all of the other benefits of harnessing this powerful purification technology for your facility.

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