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Prevent Dry Cannabis, Protect Against Mold!

Prevent dry cannabis, protect against mold

You don’t want a reputation for a dry and crumbly cannabis product, so why not make the conditions right for a slow, even cure? Humidity, airflow, temperature — they all play a factor, but those are the same elements that can help mold and mildew grow on your freshly harvested plants. Protect your plants and create a better experience for your final consumer. Create the best conditions for drying and curing with top-of-the-line air purification.

Curing Your Plants or Growing Mold?

A slow dry is the ideal to aim for, so that the terpenes and cannabinoids in your cannabis are retained, without any of the plant flavors or other unpleasant effects that come from too much internal moisture.

The right temperature keeps terpenes from being evaporated — about 60 degrees fahrenheit is the usual recommendation, but that’s near the range that powdery mildew likes best. The same goes for humidity, during drying your ideal relative humidity will hover from 55% – 60% which is prime for fungal growth. If spores land on your plants at that RH, you will likely see them grow and ruin your drying product.

Creating a sanitary environment, free of spores, is how you can defend your plants and ensure quality drying and curing. For that, you need something that will kill airborne threats before they land.

More Than Surface Sanitation

We’ve covered the importance of surface sanitation before. Cleaning your tools, your floors, your tables, and everything else in your growing and curing rooms contributes to a successful process. But this point bears repeating: if you’re not purifying the air and killing spores before they reach their destination, your plants will always be in danger.

That’s where AiroClean420 air purification comes in. True air sanitation will allow you to create the ideal conditions for drying and curing without worry of airborne mold. That’s because AiroClean420 products do more than filter the air – they also completely destroy organic airborne threats.

Air Purification From Start to Finish

Air that enters the sealed reaction chamber of an AiroClean420 unit carries those microscopic threats. The chamber contains a catalyst and a set of high-intensity lamps which, when active, use a process called photocatalytic oxidation to break those organic molecules down. Threats are eliminated – reduced to trace elements of carbon dioxide and water vapor, and only clean air is circulated out of the unit, with no harmful emissions whatsoever.

This technology scrubs the air in your drying and curing rooms – purifying and sanitizing it so that no airborne molecules of mold or mildew remain. That means you can confidently run your curing room at the optimal temperature and humidity. But that supposes there aren’t already spores on your plants. For true peace of mind, you need coverage throughout your facility – and AiroClean420 provides just that.

Total Peace of Mind

Find the ideal configuration for your facility – use this calculator to define the size of your space and request a custom facility proposal. We’ll be happy to talk about the protection your plants need, and how you can combat powdery mildew and much more through your entire process with AiroClean420. Discover the difference that powerful purification makes, Reach out and learn more about AiroClean420.

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