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Clean Cannabis for All Seasons

Pollen is starting to swirl around, insects are coming out and cross-contamination is rampant in Spring. During this time, cannabis growers start to take more precaution to protect their marijuana plants against airborne threats. With an AiroClean420 air purification system, you can eliminate threats and achieve clean cannabis for all seasons.

April is a busy and abundant time in the cannabis industry with 420 and stocking up from trusted growers. With over 1,500 units in operation, AiroClean420 customers are already getting ahead of the curve when it comes to offering quality cannabis.

Spring Cleaning That Lasts

As the weather warms up, the sweaters get packed and people begin to rejuvenate their spaces with a spring cleaning. The same can be said for your cannabis business. You, of course, need to maintain a clean environment year round, and the best place to start is with the biggest environmental influencer: the air.

Our AiroClean420 air purification system works to scrub the air in your marijuana grow facility with no emissions. This 24/7, 365 sanitizer is the spring cleaning that keeps producing pure, virtually 100% pathogen-free air. Having this peace of mind unit in place allows you to focus on your product. Not powdery mildew or the harmful emissions that many other air sanitation products utilize.

Fresh Supply For 420

With your thriving spring crop, your fresh product will be in high demand as the recreational marijuana holiday rolls around in April. By adding AiroClean420, you’ve taken the precaution of keeping your facility’s air clean and eliminating powdery mildew. This adds value to keep your customers loyal to your high-quality products.

We put 420 in our name because we are proud to promise high-quality cannabis on one of the highest purchasing times of the year. Our system just so happens to also maintain clean cannabis for all seasons.

Save the sneezes and marijuana mold by installing AiroClean420’s effective air purifier. Avoid harmful marijuana fungi, stop pollen, VOCs and all other airborne threats to your cannabis with a simple, reliable, efficient solution. We can help you grow your cleanest, most vibrant crop just in time for 420. Contact us to get clean cannabis for all seasons today!

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