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Avoid Harmful Cannabis Fungus

Cannabis growers of all sizes face the threat of harmful fungi. From powdery mildew to blight and gray mold, any fungal infection can spread quickly and severely damage your cannabis crop. So how you can avoid harmful cannabis fungus? Let our AiroClean420 air purification system scrub your grow facility’s air and eliminate fungal threats.

The Importance of Prevention

Within a small window of time, a minor fungal infection can evolve into a full catastrophic infestation. At the start of cannabis mold, you’ll notice withered marijuana leaves or discolored feathery hairs is cause for immediate action. Since fungal infections spread rapidly, it is vital to avoid harmful cannabis fungus before it wipes out your plants costing you thousands of dollars in product losses.

The easiest and most natural way to avoid harmful cannabis fungus is by installing our AiroClean420 system. Most fungal diseases are airborne, as well as most blights. Our technology works 24/7 to remove pathogens and airborne contaminants in your grow facility with minimal effort on your part. The result is clean, purified air for your cannabis plants to thrive in.

Effectiveness of a Powerful Air Sanitation System

The secret to avoiding harmful cannabis fungus is simple: clean air. In fact, we have over 1,500 units in operation working to effectively clean cannabis grow facilities’ air. Our Developed for NASA technology keeps your air clean WITHOUT emissions, ozone or the use of harsh chemicals and fungicides.

The best way to avoid harmful plant diseases on marijuana is to use a powerful air sanitation system designed specifically to remove over 99.99% of airborne threats. One of the most effective air purifying systems is our AiroClean420 unit. Ozone and emissions can be damaging to your employees and cause fatigue or respiratory symptoms. By using a clean air system to avoid harmful cannabis fungus, blight and powdery mildew, you’re also avoiding health issues for your workers.

We know powdery mildew, fungus and mold are serious threats to your business. Our system was made to make your life easier and your cannabis plants flourish. If you’re ready to avoid harmful cannabis fungus and save thousands in damage control, contact us or call 844-247-3913 to talk to one of our AiroClean420 experts.

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