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Stop Powdery Mildew

For many years, this made in America Developed for NASA Air Sanitation Technology has been a significant Preventive Control in helping the Food & Beverage Industries protect their perishable products from costly and harmful contamination. Since then thousands of global companies, across a variety of agricultural markets, have shared positive performance feedback.

A few years ago, the AiroClean420 Air Sanitation system was first introduced into the Cannabis Industry as a Chemical Free (No Ozone, Hydrogen-Peroxide, or any other type of Emissions) solution for stopping airborne Powdery Mildew and other Fungal Diseases.


“We slightly modified our Developed for NASA, and Industry Proven, Air Sanitation technology to create AiroClean420. This new AiroClean420 model is now even more energy efficient while utilizing the same patented Bio-Conversion reactor that has been used since 2002 by thousands of satisfied customers around the world.”

-John J. Hayman, III, President & CEO, KES Science & Technology

Stop Powdery Mildew

No Emissions

Helps Pass Compliance Testing

Thousands of Systems in Operation

Energy Efficient

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