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Fungal Disease Prevention on Infused Products: Can Cannabis Fungus Be Removed?

fungal disease prevention on infused productsIn the first year that cannabis was legal for recreational use in Colorado, nearly 150,000 pounds of cannabis flower were purchased in stores and dispensaries. This figure is dwarfed by the astonishing 5 million marijuana-infused edible products that were sold that year. Not only are marijuana edibles popular among recreational users, but they also represent a substantial portion of the medical marijuana market share. One reason for this is that many medical marijuana users worry about the health effects of smoking cannabis or have health conditions that preclude them from smoking. For marijuana producers interested in capitalizing on this market, effective fungal disease prevention on infused products remains a top concern.

Can Cannabis Fungus Be Removed from Infused Products?

Cannabis plants are vulnerable to threats from a variety of microorganisms, but fungal pathogens remain the largest problem for marijuana growers. Fungi that cause gray mold, powdery mildew, fusarium wilt, pink mold, and various types of blights can sweep through a growing environment within a matter of days. Marijuana producers work hard to detect early signs of fungal infection and prevent it from affecting plants.

However, fungi are not just a problem for growing plants. During the drying phase, plants may still be vulnerable to fungal infection. This stage of marijuana production is often overlooked by marijuana producers who are relentlessly focused on getting plants to reach maturity. Fungal infection during post-processing of harvested plants affects the quality of infused products. Furthermore, there is no known way to eliminate fungus after it appears on harvested plants. Thus, it is imperative to engage in fungal disease prevention on infused products to assure the harvest is not destroyed.

Fungal Disease Prevention on Infused Products

Because there is no proven way to eliminate existing fungal material from marijuana edibles, cannabis producers must renew their focus on fungal disease prevention on infused products. AiroClean420 represents the best approach in the industry for the capture and elimination of fungal spores. Focusing on air purification means that it is possible to remove fungal threats from your grow rooms as well as your drying environment, preventing spores from reaching growing plants or harvested buds. This protects plants from fungal growth at every stage of the production cycle, allowing you to get a high return on your investment in infused cannabis products.

AiroClean420’s unique, NASA-derived technology sets it apart from any other air purification technology in the industry. Contact AiroClean420 today to learn how it can transform your efforts at fungal disease prevention on infused products.

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