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Methods of Fungal Disease Control on Edibles

fungal disease control on ediblesIn 2014, the first full year in which marijuana was legal in Colorado, consumers purchased 4.8 million edible marijuana products, according to the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division. From cookies and gummies to soda pop and granola, cannabis edibles are big business. Unfortunately, many of these edible products are contaminated with fungi. Engaging in proactive fungal disease control on edibles ensures that consumers remain safe.

Importance of Fungal Disease Control on Edibles

Both recreational consumers and those who use marijuana for medical purposes care deeply about the origin and purity of the product they purchase. The presence of powdery mildew or other fungi gives marijuana a “funky” or “musty” odor that is deeply unpleasant. This odor can translate to an “off” taste for marijuana edibles.

An additional concern is that the health risks associated with consuming marijuana edibles contaminated with fungus are unknown. People who use medical marijuana often purchase edibles out of concern regarding the safety of smoking the product. Ingesting edibles contaminated with fungi may cause gastrointestinal discomfort or other health problems. Thus, fungal disease control on edibles is particularly important for marijuana being produced for medical users.

Methods of Fungal Disease Control on Edibles

The most important way to engage in fungal disease control on edibles is to prevent fungal spores from developing in the first place. Marijuana plants can develop fungal infections both before and after harvest. Thus, it is essential to keep a watchful eye on plants while they are in the growing environment as well as in the drying and post-production stages.

If you notice signs of fungus on your marijuana plants, take action immediately. Natural remedies such as application of a basic (alkaline) solution can kill existing mildew or mold filaments. For example, milk has an alkaline pH and can be sprayed onto plants at full strength or diluted 1-to-1 with water. Alternatively, adding sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate to water makes an effective spray.

Keeping the air free of fungal spores is another important step for fungal disease control on edibles. AiroClean420 is the top air purification system in the cannabis production business. The technology used by AiroClean420 was originally developed for NASA for use in preventing plant diseases in agricultural environments in outer space. Here on Earth, AiroClean420 has proven to be perfectly equipped for fungal disease control on edibles. By neutralizing potentially harmful pathogens, AiroClean420 ensures that harvested cannabis buds can be used to create tinctures and oils for use in marijuana edibles. Contact us today to learn more about using AiroClean420 to prevent fungal contamination of edibles.

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