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How to Detect Botrytis Bunch Rot on Cannabis Plants

 botrytis bunch rotCannabis growers must remain vigilant about a range of threats to their plants. Overwatering, underwatering, insufficient light, nutrient deficiencies, and temperature can all take their toll on a plant’s health. Perhaps the biggest threat, however, is fungal pathogens that infect plants. These can quickly undermine the health of an entire crop of marijuana plants. As a result this leads to decreased production or even death of all of your plants. Botrytis bunch rot is one of the most pervasive marijuana plant diseases and among the most challenging to get rid of.

What Is Botrytis Bunch Rot

Gray mold is another name for Botrytis bunch. It is caused by the pathogen Botrytis cinerea, which is a type of fungus. One of the reasons that botrytis is such a challenge to get rid of is that it thrives in the same environment as marijuana plants. Moderate temperatures, relatively high moisture, and low breezes (often provided by large fans designed to limit heat from grow lights) are perfect environmental variables for the growth of botrytis fungi.

How to Detect Botrytis Bunch Rot on Your Plants

Botrytis bunch rot is best detected by the appearance of its fungal mycelia. These take the form of a gray, velvet-like mold that covers part of the plant. Botrytis can technically affect any part of the plant. In its early stages, it may cause the plant to fail to thrive. Leaves may appear slightly withered and stems may be weaker.

In later stages of a botrytis infection, the gray mold affects the buds of the plants. Diseased buds become covered with mold and begin to rot. Spores from an infected bud can go on to infect other, healthy buds. This is particularly harmful if plants are too close together or an air circulation system spreads mold spores throughout the grow room. Soon, the entire crop may be suffering from wilted or rotting buds.

Botrytis bunch rot can be deadly to your cannabis crop and your business. Investing in measures that prevent the spread of fungi is critical. AiroClean420 is the number one air purification system in the marijuana business. Not only does AiroClean420 capture and destroy the spores that cause botrytis bunch rot, but it also eliminates other pathogenic threats from the air. This leads to a significant improvement in air quality, decreased rate of plant disease, and higher revenue for you as a marijuana producer. Visit our website today to learn more, and contact us to see how we can help you eliminate the threat of botrytis bunch rot in your growing environment.

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